What does splanchnic mesoderm become?

The splanchnic mesoderm, which is adjacent to the endoderm and yolk sac, forms the heart as well as the visceral layer of the serous pericardium and blood vessels.

What fetal organ develops from the mesoderm?

The mesoderm forms the circulatory system and blood, lymphatic system, bone, cartilage, muscles, and many internal organs. For example, the kidney, spleen, ureters, and adrenal cortex are all derived from mesoderm. [2]

What does somatic mesoderm turn into?

Somatic mesoderm is the outer layer formed after the split of the lateral plate mesoderm (along the splanchnic mesoderm). It associates with ectoderm and contributes to connective tissue of body wall and limbs.

Which embryonic structure is derived from lateral splanchnic mesoderm?

The lateral plate mesoderm subsequently forms the mesenteries, the lining of the pleural, cardiac and abdominal cavities, and the major substance of the heart, as well as contributing to the extra-embryonic membranes.

Which of the following is derived from the splanchnic layer of the lateral plate mesoderm?

The vertebrate heart arises from two regions of splanchnic mesoderm—one on each side of the body—that interact with adjacent tissue to become specified for heart development.

What does parietal mesoderm become?

The parietal layer together with overlying ectoderm forms the lateral body wall folds. The visceral layer forms the walls of the gut tube. Mesoderm cells of the parietal layer form the mesothelial membranes or serous membranes which line the peritoneal, pleural and pericardial cavities.

Which cavity forms earliest in fetal development?

amniotic cavity
At the beginning of the second week, the cells of the inner cell mass form into a two-layered disc of embryonic cells, and a space—the amniotic cavity—opens up between it and the trophoblast (Figure 5).

What is splanchnic mesenchyme?

In the anatomy of an embryo, the splanchnopleuric mesenchyme is a structure created during embryogenesis when the lateral mesodermal germ layer splits into two layers. The inner (or splanchnic) layer adheres to the endoderm, and with it forms the splanchnopleure (mesoderm external to the coelom plus the endoderm).

What develops from lateral mesoderm?

The lateral plate mesoderm (LPM) forms the progenitor cells that constitute the heart and cardiovascular system, blood, kidneys, smooth muscle lineage and limb skeleton in the developing vertebrate embryo.

What forms the fetal portion of the placenta?

villous chorion
The fetal portion of the placenta is known as the villous chorion. The maternal portion is known as the decidua basalis. The two portions are held together by anchoring villi that are anchored to the decidua basalis by the cytotrophoblastic shell.