What does the name lei mean?

Meaning:Thunderous. Lei is a gender neutral name of Chinese origin. This name means “thunderous” and it gives baby an epic piece of the world to hold onto for inspiration.

How common is the name lei?

Distribution. 雷 is the 79th-most-common surname in mainland China but not included among the 100 most common surnames on Taiwan. In the United States, Lei is an uncommon surname, ranking 14,849th during the 1990 census and 6,583rd during the year 2000 census.

What does Maia mean in Hawaiian?

maia / MAI-A / Andrews Haw to Eng , v., To chew in the mouth; to masticate; to soften for swallowing.

Is lei a girl or boy?

The name Lei is primarily a female name of Chinese origin that means Flower Bud.

How do you pronounce lei in Hawaiian?


  1. lei 2 [ ley ] SHOW IPA. / leɪ / PHONETIC RESPELLING.
  2. lei 1 / (leɪ) / noun. (in Hawaii) a garland of flowers, worn around the neck.
  3. lei 2 / (leɪ) / noun. the plural of leu.

What’s the meaning of Amaya?

the end; mother city
Meaning:the end; mother city; heavenly valley. Amaya is a feminine name of primarily Spanish and Japanese origin. Though certainly a variation of Amaia, meaning “the end,” the name is perhaps most widely recognized in Spain as a place of great significance.

Is Kaiya a Hawaiian name?

Kaiya is a girl’s name of Japanese origin. This charming name translates to “forgiveness,” which can serve as a key reminder for both parent and baby.

Is lei a Spanish name?

The name Lei is primarily a female name of Chinese origin that means Flower Bud. Also a Hawaiian name meaning child or string of flowers.

What does the name Lani mean?

Lani is a girl’s name of Hawaiian origin meaning “heaven” or “sky.” This dreamy name is a beautiful gift to give your little angel as they enter this world.