What does the phrase An Officer and a Gentleman meaning?

An officer is, from his position, a leader of men. He must show in himself such qualities as he desires to bring out in those under his leadership. A gentleman is exactly what the word signifies, a gentle man.

Where does the phrase an officer and a gentleman come from?

Its title is an old expression from the Royal Navy and later from the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice’s charge of “conduct unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman” (from 1860). The film was commercially released in the U.S. on August 13, 1982.

Which Admiral personified the true meaning of the phrase An Officer and a Gentleman?

He personified the true meaning of the phrase 11 an officer and a gentleman.” Chester William Nimitz (February 24, 1885 – February 20, 1966) was a fleet admiral of the United States Navy. Nimitz synonyms, Nimitz pronunciation, Nimitz translation, English dictionary definition of Nimitz.

What are the two things that come from Oklahoma?

“Oklahoma? Only TWO THINGS come outta Oklahoma, steers and queers.

Who hung himself in An Officer and a Gentleman?

Actor David Keith (AP)Readers of a certain age will remember David Keith as the actor who played Sid, Richard Gere’s sidekick in “An Officer and a Gentleman.” When Sid’s girlfriend spurns him at the end of the movie — “we had ourselves some real nice times . . .but I want to marry a pilot” — Big Sid hangs himself in …

Who said these words here’s a gentleman come to talk to you?

Miss Beam
Miss Beam led me to one of the bandaged girls. “Here’s a gentleman come to talk to you,” said Miss Beam, and left us. “Don’t you ever peep?” I asked the girl. “Oh, no!” she exclaimed.

Which was the toughest activity for the girl?

(iii) The toughest activity for her was being blind folded.

What were the two important things that the narrator Learnt as he left a different kind of school?

i. He was ten times more thoughtful than he ever thought he could be. ii. He realised that if he had to describe people and things to someone else, it would be more interesting.