What does the road symbolize in The Garden Party?

The Road. There is a road that leads between the Sheridan’s estate and the little cottages below that symbolizes the differences between the social classes.

What does Katherine Mansfield’s The Garden Party ultimately reveal specifically?

“The Garden Party” traces the psychological and moral growth of Laura Sheridan. The story presents her adolescent confusion regarding the social values of her family and her awakening to a more mature perception of reality after her exposure to poverty and death at the carter’s cottage.

What is The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield about?

Summary. The short story “The Garden Party” written in 1923 by Katherine Mansfield deals with an upper class teenage girl who faces the issue of class distinctions when she is unexpectedly broken the news of the death of an underprivileged neighbour who perishes while she is busy with the preparations of a huge party.

What does marquee symbolize in The Garden Party?

The story opens with Mrs. Sheridan sending her daughter Laura to go supervise four workmen as they set up the marquee (a large outdoor tent) in the family garden. The marquee represents Laura and her siblings’ sheltered upbringing, and Laura’s forays out of the marquee mark the beginning of her broadening horizons.

What is the significance of the title The Garden Party?

As its title suggests, ‘The Garden Party’ centres on the annual garden party held by the Sheridan family at their home, in New Zealand (the country where Mansfield had been born in 1888, though she later moved to England).

What point of view is The Garden Party?

The narrator of “The Garden Party” is third-person and omniscient, but far from objective. In general, Mansfield’s narrator parrots the Sheridan family’s condescension toward the poor and their obsession with showing off all the beautiful things they can buy.

What does Laura’s hat symbolize?

After donning the hat, Laura’s concern for her neighbors seems “blurred, unreal, like a picture in the newspaper.” The hat also symbolizes the wealthy’s obsession with status and material things. Laura herself calls it “extravagant,” and it appears to the reader a frivolous item to be swept away by.

What does the black hat with yellow flowers symbolize in The Garden Party?

Laura’s mother’s daisy-trim black hat—an elegant accessory that evokes the family’s high social class—influences Laura’s behavior and values throughout the story. The hat, therefore, shows the corrupting nature of wealth and beauty.

What literary techniques are used in The Garden Party?

In “The Garden Party,” Mansfield imbues the third-person narration with the feelings and thoughts of Laura as we follow her throughout the day. Imagery and Symbols: Mansfield uses various natural images throughout her narrative, with a specific focus on flowers.