What does the sign of a triangle mean?

A powerful symbol with many meanings Triangles don’t appear very often in nature, but the power of this symbol has fascinated people since time immemorial. Triangles represent balance, harmony and equilibrium, and they are also closely associated with the number three, which many see as the perfect number.

What does Jay-Z hand sign mean?

According to one origin story, the image of a diamond was meant as a reference to the slang term “rock” for diamonds. Jay-Z’s record label is Roc-A-Fella Records, and using the hand symbol has come to be known as “throwing up the roc.”

What does it mean to steeple your hands?

The person brings their hands together in front, with finger-tips touching each other, forming a structure akin to a ‘church steeple’. This gesture is done by those who feel confident about what’s going on. It’s usually done in a conversation when someone feels confident about the topic they’re talking about.

What does 3 fingers and a thumb mean?

In 2017, the hand gesture was appropriated by White Supremacists on 4chan to mean White Power (the three fingers forming at ‘W’ and thumb and index forming the circle of the ‘P’). It was framed as a hoax to “own” Leftists through trickery and gaslighting.

What does upside triangle mean?

What does the upside down triangle mean? Inverted triangles were used by the Nazis to classify prisoners during the Second World War. The upside down triangles were used as identifying badges, and were sewn into the uniforms of concentration camp prisoners.

What does a triangle tattoo signify?

Triangle tattoos symbolize connection, harmony, creativity, wisdom, and growth. In the spiritual sense, it also refers to the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Who has a roc a fella chain?

In 2004, Jay-Z, Dash and Burke sold Roc-A-Fella Records for a reported $10 million. Their continued successes, individually and Jay-Z’s subsequent Roc Nation ventures, have kept the brand—and chain—alive.

What does Roc Nation stand for?

Roc Nation is an entertainment agency founded by JAY-Z in 2008. The company has offices in New York, London and Los Angeles. It includes a talent agency, sports agency, record label, management, TV & Film, a clothing line, media relations, publishing, school, philanthropy, an exhibition connection and more.

What do cupped hands symbolize?

Cupped hands can symbolize delicacy or hold a fragile idea. They may also be used for giving. Gripping can show possessiveness, ownership and desire (the tighter the fist, the stronger the feeling). Hands may also hold the self, such as when people hold their own hands, typically for comfort.

What does it mean to hold up 3 fingers?

Three-finger salute (pro-democracy), a gesture originally from the Hunger Games books and films and later used in protests in Myanmar and Thailand. Three-finger salute, a jocular term for the three-key command Control-Alt-Delete. Scout sign and salute, the salute of the World Scouting Movement.