What does to come upon mean?

to find something or meet someone unexpectedly: I came upon this book in the attic – would you like it?

What is the meaning of come across ‘?

Definition of come across intransitive verb. 1 : to give over or furnish something demanded especially : to pay over money. 2 : to produce an impression comes across as a good speaker. 3 : come through sense 2.

How do you use come across?

come across somebody/something to meet or find someone or something by chance I came across children sleeping under bridges. She came across some old photos in a drawer.

Which is correct come across or came across?

came across” is clearly correct, merely another clause in a sequence describing past events. in “comes across”, the change of tense transfers the mind of the reader from the present, as they read about a series of past events, to the instant in the past when important things happened.

What is another word for came upon?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for come-upon, like: discover, find, enter upon, encounter, locate, meet, luck into, fall-upon, strike, chance-upon and come across.

Is come across formal or informal?

Informal Terms[no object] to do what one has promised or is expected to do:He finally came across and did it. See come through below.

Have you come across meaning?

If you come across something or someone, you find them or meet them by chance.

Is I have came across correct?

The past participle of come is come. Therefore come is correct even though come across is a phrasal verb. It doesn’t matter. Today I have come across.

What part of speech is come upon?

phrasal verb
COME UPON (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a word for come across as?

What is another word for comes across as?

seems to be appears to be
manifests comes over
comes off comes across
comes impresses
gives an impression

What is the meaning of come across?

To find or see someone or something incidentally. I came across him in the library after work, and we got into a great conversation about Hemingway. I came across a $20 bill on my way to school this morning! If you come across my jacket, please let me know. I forget where I left it. 4. To submit or yield to another’s wishes.

What does it mean to come upon something?

Come upon means to find a thing or (often) a situation during your course of events, somewhat similar to “run into” except usually referring to inanimate things or situations and without the implicit subcontext of physical travel: While reading Paradise Lost , I came upon the most amazing literary passage.

What is the difference between run into and come across?

Run into means to encounter someone (or something) during your normal course of events, often while physically traveling: I ran into Sally at the supermarket. Come across means to find something (or someone) when you were not looking for him/her/it: I was cleaning out the garage when I came across my high school yearbook.

What is the meaning of come across Eagle Road?

Once you come across Eagle Road, you can turn onto my street. 2. To be viewed by others in a particular way; to have one’s personality, behavior, intentions, etc., interpreted in a particular way. Did I come across as confident when I made my speech?