What does very poorly mean?

: in a poor condition or manner especially : in an inferior or imperfect way : badly sang poorly. poorly. adjective.

Is it poorly or poorly?

Poor is an adjective; it can be used before a noun or after a linking verb. However, poorly can be either an adjective or an adverb. As an adjective, it follows a linking verb and means “sick” or “unwell”; as an adverb, it modifies an action verb and answers the question “how.”

Does poorly mean ill?

If someone is poorly, they are ill. You look very poorly.

Is there a word poorly?

This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity. in a poor manner or way: The team played poorly. in poor health; somewhat ill: I hear she’s been poorly.

How do you say poorly?

  1. badly.
  2. crudely.
  3. inadequately.
  4. insufficiently.
  5. defectively.
  6. incompetently.
  7. inexpertly.
  8. inferiorly.

Can you say more poorly?

From a strictly semantic standpoint “more poorly” is acceptable.

How do you use the word poorly in a sentence?

1 The movie is poorly acted. 2 Jana’s doing poorly in school. 3 Badly worn type prints poorly. 4 The movie was poorly dubbed.

What does poorly mean in the UK?

If someone is poorly, they are ill. [mainly British, informal] Synonyms: ill, sick, ailing, unwell More Synonyms of poorly.

How do you say something was done poorly?

  1. shoddy.
  2. badly dressed.
  3. badly worn.
  4. battered.
  5. broken.
  6. dilapidated.
  7. frayed.
  8. frazzled.

What’s another word for poorly made?

What is another word for poorly made?

tattered shabby
shoddy battered
torn unkempt
ripped scraggy
ragtag shredded

What are synonyms to poorly?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for poorly, like: inadequately, poor, badly, fairly well, well, unsuccessfully, unwell, punily, defectively, crudely and indisposed.