What edition is the iPhone XS?

iPhone XS

iPhone XS in Gold
Generation 12th
Model XS: A1920 A2097 A2098 (sold in Japan) A2100 (sold in China) XS Max: A1921 A2101 A2102 (sold in Japan) A2104 (sold in China)
Compatible networks GSM, CDMA2000, EV-DO, HSPA+, LTE, LTE Advanced
First released September 21, 2018

What does an unlocked iPhone mean?

Unlocking your iPhone means that you can use it with different carriers. Your iPhone might be locked to your carrier. Unlocking your iPhone means that you can use it with different carriers. To contact your carrier and unlock your iPhone, use these steps.

How Much Is iPhone XS 256GB?

The iPhone XS is are available with 64GB, 256GB or 512GB of storage for $999, $1,149 or $1,349.

Is the iPhone XS outdated?

If you’re looking to pick up the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max via Apple’s official channels in 2021, you’re bang out of luck. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were discontinued in 2019, following the launch and release of Apple’s iPhone 11 range.

How many iPhone XS models are there?

The Apple iPhone XS has 3 models and variants. Generally the versions are the same device models with some different features and specifications, as the amount of internal storage, processor or just 3G/4G/5G frequencies that may be different depending on the country the Apple iPhone XS is available to.

How can I know my iPhone is factory unlocked or not?

How to Check If iPhone Is Unlocked in Settings

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone in question.
  2. Scroll down and tap General.
  3. Tap About.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and look for Carrier Lock. If it says No SIM restrictions, then your iPhone is unlocked and you’re free to use any carrier or cell service.

How much can you sell a iPhone XS for?

The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone XS is $199.38, with prices ranging between $155.00 all the way up to $250.00 from the best buyback stores. In comparison, a used iPhone XS Max is worth an average of $272.13, with resale quotes as low as $170.00 and the best deal reaching $329.00.

How Much Is iPhone XS New?

Today the lowest price on iPhone XS 64GB is 180.00. For that price you get a new model with a screen from one of the major brands. A phone which also has a hexa core processor and 64 GB internal storage. This model is one of the most popular phones right now and has a review average of 4.69 out of 5.