What engine came in a 1968 El Camino?

The 1968 El Camino featured brand new sheet metal and the wheelbase was redesigned, modifying it from 119 to 116 inches. Further, the 375 hp, 415 lbs-ft L78 396 big-block engine made its debut with this vehicle, which was groundbreaking for its time.

What was the best year for El Camino?

The most valuable El Camino, is the 1965 model with the 350-horsepower, 327ci 4bbl L79, with a #1 value of $50,200. Despite being at the intersection of muscle car and pickup, two hot segments of the collector car market, the El Camino has remained a relatively affordable entry point.

How much is a 1970 Chevy El Camino worth?

**Figure based on a stock 1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS 396 valued at $38,100 with ON rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits. Actual costs vary depending on the coverage selected, vehicle condition, province and other factors.

Is a El Camino a muscle car?

In 1968, the more powerful SS engine made the El Camino into one of the iconic muscle cars of the late 1960s and 1970s. In 1987, Chevrolet dropped the El Camino from its lineup for good. Today, the car is a cult classic.

What engine did the El Camino have?

Engines included the base 250 I6 engine, a new 140 hp (104 kW) 305-cubic-inch V8, two- and four-barrel 350s (with availability still depending on California delivery), and the 400-cubic-inch V8, still good for 175 hp (130 kW).

What is the rarest Chevy El Camino?

The L78 396, rated at 375 horsepower, was never advertised due to it violating General Motors policy of 10 pounds per horsepower. Suffice it to say that a solid-lifter El Camino is a very rare piece, but a lucky guy in British Columbia, Canada found one sitting in a garage.

Which El Camino is the best?

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Do El Caminos have back seats?

The most curious aspect of the car is that unlike the original El Camino that was a two-seater, the builder of this car has retained the Caprice’s rear seats. In order to do so, a section of the roof has been cut out so there is no roof or rear window and rear-seat passengers are open to the elements.

What years did Chevrolet make the El Camino?

The El Camino began with its first generation that only spanned two years of 1959 and 1960. Then, after a three model year layoff, Chevy came back with the intermediate size El Camino from 1964 to 1987, including generations two through six.