What event happened in 1787 in American history?

U.S. Constitution. On September 17, 1787, members of the Constitutional Convention signed the final draft of the Constitution.

What big thing happened in 1787?

September 17 – The United States Constitution is signed by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

Why is the 1787 important?

The fifty-five delegates who met in Philadelphia between May 25 and September 17, 1787, would not only reject the Articles of Confederation altogether, but they would produce the first written constitution for any nation in the history of the world.

What did they do in 1787?

Writing the Constitution On September 17, 1787, 38 delegates signed the Constitution.

What was scheduled to happen May 1787 Why?

Four years after the United States won its independence from England, 55 state delegates, including George Washington, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, convene in Philadelphia to compose a new U.S. constitution on May 25, 1787.

What happened in the U.S. in 1786?

October 16, 1786 – Congress establishes the United States mint. October 20, 1786 – Congress authorizes Secretary of War Henry Knox to raise a an army of 1340 men over concerns of the safety of the federal arsenal at Springfield, Mass. December 26, 1786 – Shays assembles 1200 men near Worcester, Mass.

What events and ideas led to the belief in 1786 and 1787 that the Articles of Confederation were not working well?

What events and ideas led to the belief in 1787 and 1786 that the Articles of Confederation were not working well? Congress was in serious debt after the war but lacked the power to impose taxes to raise revenue and states had to take matters into their own hands, which seemed to divide them more than unite them.

What were the biggest problems facing the United States in 1786 87?

In 1786–87, Shays’ Rebellion, an uprising of farmers in western Massachusetts against the state court system, threatened the stability of state government and the Congress was powerless to help.

What was the purpose of the meeting in 1787 in Philadelphia?

The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia met between May and September of 1787 to address the problems of the weak central government that existed under the Articles of Confederation.

What happened in the U.S. in 1785?

1785 – The Northwest Indian War begins between the United States and a confederation of numerous Native American tribes, with support from the British, for control of the Northwest Territory. It lasts until 1795. 1787 – The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia to draft the Constitution.