What fish are in Henderson Bay NY?

All About Fishing in Henderson Bay, NY The bay is an angling hotspot for good to excellent populations of walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, lake trout, chinook salmon, coho salmon, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

Where is the best fishing in Lake Ontario?

Lake Temiskaming On the Ontario-Quebec border, this lake is popular with anglers all year round. Lake Temiskaming has a length of 110 km, and is also one of the deepest lakes in Ontario. Visit in the winter to join the commune of ice huts scattered across the lake’s surface.

Where are the fish biting in Western New York?

Shore Fishing Sites

  • Lake Erie – Cattaraugus Creek Breakwater.
  • Cattaraugus Creek – Town of Hanover Launch Ramp.
  • Lake Erie – Big Sister Creek.
  • Eighteenmile Creek – Hobuck Flats – (PFR)*
  • Cattaraugus Creek – Scoby Hill Road Dam.
  • Eighteenmile Creek – South Creek Road.

What fish are in season in Lake Ontario?

Lake trout. Season: January 1 to September 30 and December 1 to December 31.

  • Lake whitefish. Season: open all year.
  • Muskellunge. Season: third Saturday in June to December 15.
  • Northern pike. Season: January 1 to March 31 and first Saturday in May to December 31.
  • Pacific salmon.
  • Rainbow trout.
  • Sunfish.
  • Walleye and sauger combined.
  • What fish are biting right now Lake Ontario?

    The lake’s western basin should be holding nearshore Coho and Chinook Salmon. Get your hands on them before they move into deeper, offshore waters. The Lake and Brown Trout bite is still hot.

    Where can I catch catfish in NY?

    Some of the major NY lakes with catfish include Cayuga Lake, Great Sacandaga Lake, Lake Champlain, Onondaga Lake and Pepacton Reservoir. Smaller lakes, rivers and ponds also contain catfish.

    What’s the biggest fish in Lake Ontario?

    The official record for the largest salmon caught in Lake Ontario is 47.13 pounds.

    What is the most common fish in Lake Ontario?

    Top 5 Fish Species to Fish for in Northeastern Ontario

    1. Bass – Large and Smallmouth.
    2. Trout.
    3. Walleye.
    4. Northern Pike. Northern pike are an abundant species across the entire region and are an absolute thrill to catch.
    5. Yellow Perch. Yellow Perch are by far the most abundant fish species in the region.

    What is the most popular fish in Lake Ontario?

    The most sought after of all Lake Ontario fish species is the King Salmon: Local anglers often call the Chinook salmon a king salmon which is a name more recognizable to New Yorkers.