What food are eaten on Chuseok?

In addition to the above-mentioned jeon, songpyeon (half-moon rice cakes filled with sesame seeds, red beans, brown sugar, chestnuts, or pine nuts) are the quintessential Chuseok food, with other highlighted dishes including freshly harvested rice; fruit like Asian pear, apples, and jujubes; and rice liquor.

What do you cook on Chuseok?

Upon the arrival of Chuseok, families gather to make songpyeon (half-moon rice cake) and feast on japchae (stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables) and other representative traditional Korean holiday dishes. To celebrate Chuseok like a Korean, try making one of these six representative Korean foods.

How do you make easy songpyeon?

Make Basic White Songpyeon Tteok Dough

  1. In a bowl, add 2 cup rice powder. Add 4 Tbs hot boiling water and mix with spoon. Once it’s cooled a bit, knead dough with hand.
  2. Knead the dough with the heel of your hand for few minutes. (5 min is good).
  3. Cover with a wet towel or plastic wrap. Let it rest for few minutes.

What are Korean desserts?

Traditional Korean Desserts

  • Songpyeon (Rice Cakes)
  • Yaksik 약식 (Sweet Rice Dessert)
  • Bukkumi (Pan-fried Rice Cake Dumplings with Sweet Red Beans)
  • Dasik (Tea Cookies)
  • Yakgwa 약과 (Honey Pastry)
  • Sujeonggwa (Cinnamon Ginger Punch)
  • Sikhye 식혜 (Sweet Rice Punch)
  • Bungeoppang 붕어빵 (Fish-shaped Bread with Sweet Red Bean)

Can you refrigerate songpyeon?

After a few minutes, drain the dumplings and mix them with the sesame oil. Note: They don’t keep well in the refrigerator and become quite hard. You can resteam them if you have put them in the refrigerator, but they’re best eaten the same day.

How do you make songpyeon rice flour?

Rice flour for Songpyeon dough You can try making rice flour at home by soaking short grain rice over night, drain for hours, and then use a powerful blender, coffee grinder, or food processor to finely ground. The rice flour/batter may still come out a bit grainy, not as soft.

Why do we eat songpyeon on Chuseok?

Songpyeon is quintessential to Korean families’ Chuseok celebrations. Traditionally, songpyeon was made by Korean families using freshly harvested rice and then offered to their ancestors on the morning of Chuseok as thanks for the bountiful harvest during charye (차례, 茶禮), an ancestral memorial ritual.

Why is songpyeon eaten during Chuseok?

What is the national sweet of South Korea?

팥빙수 (Patbingsu: Shaved Ice with Sweet Rea Beans) Patbingsu is probably the most well-known of all Korean desserts outside of Korea. Ask Koreans what their favorite summertime dessert is and I can guarantee that many of them will answer Bingsu. Patbingsu is the most popular type of bingsu.