What God counters Anubis?

Gods Counter Picks

Gods Countered by
Anubis Achilles, Cu Chulainn, King Arthur, Arachne
Ao Kuang Morgan Le Fay, Arachne, Bakasura, Ratatoskr
Aphrodite Bacchus, Chang’e, Medusa, Odin, Osiris, Serqet, Sobek
Baba Yaga Anubis, Chang’e, King Arthur, Chaac, Aphrodite

What God counters Thanatos?

Thanatos Counter Smite – Zathong.

How do you counter GEB in smite?

Geb is countered over time by Ares. The Shackles force him to either waste the shield on himself or not be able to use his Roll Out ability. Also, he can’t cancel Searing Flesh with his Shockwave since Ares is knockup immune while casting it.

How do you counter Sol in smite?

Sol counter Tips Early focus is the most important against her. 2v1 her early for a kill and you should be able to stop her from coming online. More solo farm, easier access to red buff, some of the best sustain with her 1, and better boxing than most mages allows you to control mid lane pretty easily.

How many times do you have to do the trial of Anubis?

A nice bonus is a full set of Anubis armour once you’ve completed the Trials of the Gods four times. Louise Blain is a journalist and broadcaster specialising in gaming, technology, and entertainment.

Who counters Gilgamesh smite?

One of the best counters to Gilgamesh throughout an entire match is Tyr. The Norseman’s passive prevents him from getting stunned for longer than a second. Furthermore, his 1st ability is decent at ignoring the length of Gilgamesh Smite’s 1st ability and can outplay his dropkick.

Who counters Athena smite?

Finally, Ares hard-counters Athena. On a basic ability level, they are quite even: Athena’s dash is prevented by the Shackles and Ares’ fire is cancelled by her taunt. But the main advantage comes with their ultimates.

Who counters Ares smite?

Beads and Aegis are the counter for him, and some Magical Defense as well. And it’s pretty easy to avoid the chains: Just try to do unexpected movements to avoid it. So: Avoid Chains, Get Beads + Aegis, be aware of the fire and do not try to 1v1 him unless you’re fed.