What golf ball has the least side spin?

What Golf Ball Has The Lowest Spin Rate?

Golf Ball Backspin (RPM)
Srixon Q-Star Tour 4798
Titleist AVX 4909
Vice Drive 4921
Snell MTB X 4938

Do lower spin golf balls go straighter?

As a general rule, low spin golf balls will go straighter, and as a result, further for most golfers compared to high spinning balls. Having a ball that spins less will reduce some of the sidespin your ball has and will generate a lot less backspin.

How does side spin affect a golf ball?

As a general rule, spin affects a golf ball’s flight shape and shot height. More backspin will cause the ball to go higher and stop quicker on the green while more sidespin will add curvature to your shots.

Does less spin mean more distance?

If you hit a ball with two different drivers and they both have the same launch angle but one has more spin, the one with less spin will typically go farther. It’s hard to overestimate the impact of equipment in this equation. A great swing with an ill-fitting club is not going to work very often.

What causes side spin in a golf swing?

Generally the side spin is impacted on a golf ball at the point of impact, and it happens because the club is travelling in one direction, and the club face is travelling or aiming in a different direction. So ball that slices and tilts the ball this way is a swing path that travels from right to in.

What is the advantage of a low spin golf ball?

Straighter Shots A low spin ball reduces your backspin rpm and sidespin, which means it promotes a straighter shot. This feature is ideal for players who have the tendency to hook or slice their shots, as it will keep you straight and in play.

What is a good side spin rate?

Ideal Spin Rate Chart For example, 7-iron x 1,000 = 7,000 RPMs. Here is a chart of the ideal spin for every club. Every player’s spin rates vary slightly, depending on their swing, clubs and ball. If your spin rates are within about 500 RPMs of these figures, you’re in good shape.

Do low spin golf balls reduce slice?

There is a lower spin off the tee, less slicing. Higher spin on the green. Better ball control. High-speed ball launch off the tee.