What happened at Reading Terminal Market?

The vandal struck along the Filbert Street side of the building on Wednesday night. Reading Terminal Market was vandalized this week by a person shooting paint along one side of the market building.

When did Reading Terminal Market Open?

February 22, 1893
The Reading Terminal Market opened for business on February 22, 1893. The street-level Market reverberated with the sound of trains rumbling overhead. The stalls were laid out in a grid pattern with twelve aisles running east-west and four wider avenues running north-south.

Do you need tickets for Reading Terminal Market?

Did you know you can park across the street from Reading Terminal Market at 12th and Filbert for $5 when you get your parking ticket validated by a market vendor? At that rate, it’s almost cheaper than public transit — especially if you’re going with a group.

Is there seating at Reading Terminal Market?

Under the guidance from the city, we are accommodating customers at 25% capacity on a first come, first serve basis. Tables are extremely limited. Please note that eating inside the Market is only permitted at the tables in Center Court.

What is the famous market in Philadelphia?

Reading Terminal Market
Overview. Reading Terminal Market, one of the nation’s oldest and largest public markets, first opened in 1893. Today, it stands out as one of the greatest public markets in the country.

Why is it called the Reading Terminal Market?

The Reading Terminal Market has been around since 1893, and the “Terminal” part of the building’s name comes from the fact that the market, thanks to insistent vendors who refused to move, was created underneath the tracks of a terminal for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.

Does Reading Terminal have WIFI?

Reading Terminal Market has installed a new Wi-Fi system in time for the Democratic National Convention. Consumers expect reliable Wi-Fi at public spaces, and the Reading Terminal Market has delivered.

Does Reading Terminal Market have bathrooms?

Reading Terminal Market This bathroom is way cleaner than you’d think.

Why is it called Reading Terminal Market?

What are Penn’s Landing hours?

The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing open year-round, seven days a week from dawn until dusk.