What happened to Battle Camp?

Safe Lane Gaming has taken over the epic game of Battle Camp, stay tuned for more updates and the rebirth of this fantastic game! Events – Crush your enemies alone or forge alliances with Rangers to build a Troop! Bring your friends or meet new ones from around the world with real-time messaging.

How do you delete a battle camp account?

You can send to [email protected] a request to delete the account. Just provide your name(in battle camp). how can i delete it?? I logged and and instead of logging in with face i was curious and pressed miss out and i dont know how to use old accounts now 🙁 me and my curiousity -.

How many downloads does battle camp have?

100 million downloads
Battle Camp has over 100 million downloads over 7 years. The game has almost 1 million followers on facebook.

When did battle camp come out?


Support URL: Battle Camp Support
Country Release Date: 07/22/2014
Worldwide Release Date: 07/22/2014
Downloads: 10,000,000+
Most Popular Country: US

What is PennyPop?

PennyPop was founded by Charles Ju and Gordon Su in 2011. With just a small team of developers, the company was able to build and deploy Battle Camp, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that enables players to fight synchronously and chat in real time.

Can you play Battle Camp PC?

Battle Camp is a Role Playing game developed by WRKSHP. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

How do you change your name on battle camp?

The only way to do a name change would be to create a new account.” / Twitter.

How do you get clothes in battle camp?

Buy clothes and costumes for your avatar! Look for the hanger icon after clicking on the “Me” button. On the top right of the screen there is a little person face button. This leads you to the Closet for avatar customization.

How do you trade monsters in battle camp?

Trading Monsters Select the monster you want from your friend’s inventory and then the monster from your own you would like to offer in exchange. Then, once your friend approves your proposal, the trade will be complete.

What is battle camp in the army?

In what is dubbed ‘Battle Camp’ by troops, the training is an intense programme, consisting of weapon training, ranges, fieldcraft and a five-night exercise.

What do event tokens do in battle camp?

Occasionally Event Tokens are dropped and can be used to Trade with Shelldon at the Celestial Towers. The Emblems must be donated to the Tower Warden in order to engage battle, the difficulty of the Tower Warden can be selected before battle; easy, medium, hard or extreme.

Can u trade in battle camp?

You can only trade with people who’ve been Battle Camp Pals for two weeks or more.