What happened to Ellusionist?

Short version of what happened: Ellusionist completely shut down their site over the weekend for a server move, but instead of tell their customers what was going on (e.g. explain why they couldn’t access their downloads), they decided to keep it a complete secret as a marketing stunt, hinting at a special ” …

What is the difference between the invisible deck and the brainwave deck?

With the Invisible Deck, the card a person names is discovered face-down in a face-up deck whereas, with the Brainwave Deck, the card a person names is discovered to be face-up in a face down deck.

What deck do magicians use?

Phoenix Playing Cards They are preferred by many professional magicians because of their distinct cut, which offers improved handling—particularly with tricky faro shuffles. Due to their growing popularity among magicians, many creators are starting to use Phoenix Playing Cards to create gimmicked decks and gaff cards.

What is a gaff deck?

A gaff deck is a deck that contains cards used in conjunction with a normal deck.

Are Ellusionist cards marked?

With a thinner, more durable deck these playing cards are unlike any other. But one thing hasn’t changed. Hidden within the linesof the intricate back design are markings undetectable to the untrained eye. Easily readable for any magician, card mechanic or mentalist out there.

Where is Ellusionist based?

Petaluma, California
Ellusionist’s main ware-house is located in Petaluma, California, and our corporate offices are located just outside of San Francisco.

How does an invisible deck work?

An audience member is asked to “pick a card” and then flip that chosen card upside down and slide it back into the invisible deck. The magician makes it clear that the audience member has free choice of what “card” to select. The invisible deck is swapped for a real deck of cards.

How does Mene Tekel work?

The Mene-Tekel (or Menetekel Deck or The Self-Shifting Pack) is a mechanical deck credited to Burling Hull (1910). A card is selected and placed back in the center of the deck. Instantly it jumps to the top of the deck.

Are plastic cards better for magic?

Paper is the better for magic card tricks because of paper can be folded while the Plastic can’t be folded and if you like the magic so you should try with paper and it is the better for magic card.