What happened to the Woody show on Alt AZ?

October 11, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT) HUBBARD Alternative KDKB (ALT AZ 93-3)/PHOENIX has parted ways with THE WOODY SHOW and shifts TODAY to MUSIC IN THE MORNINGS from 5-10a with 93 minutes of Non-Stop ALT music starting at 8a. ALT AZ 93-3 ends a one-year run with THE WOODY SHOW.

Is the woody show Cancelled?

Fife and iHeart agreed to a long-term contract extension, one that keeps The Woody Show “solidly headquartered” at ALT 98.7 and in national syndication through iHeart-owned Premiere Networks until 2028. As “Woody,” Fife and his wake-up troupe arrived at KYSR in April 2014.

How much does Woody from the woody show make?

Woody Harrelson’s net worth is estimated to be over $90 Million. Woody Harrelson earns over $300,000 salary per episode for the television shows he stars in….Woody Harrelson’s Net Worth.

Forbes Net Worth $90 Million
Weight 182 lb (83 kg)

What is Woody from the woody show real name?

Jeff “Woody” Fife is the host of “The Woody Show.” The 25-year radio veteran came toALT 98.7 in April 2014 and has since redefined the morning show landscape in Los Angeles.

Where is the woody show?

The Woody Show is now heard in nearly 30 markets in the United States and Canada, including: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, OR, Las Vegas, Austin, Kansas City, Raleigh, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Honolulu, and Peterborough, Ontario.

What station is the woody show on in Arizona?

ALT AZ 93.3
The Woody Show – ALT AZ 93.3.

Who owns the Woody show?

iHeartMedia, Inc.
KYSR (98.7 FM) is a commercial alternative rock radio station licensed to Los Angeles, California, serving the Greater Los Angeles area. Owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., KYSR is the flagship station of syndicated morning drive program The Woody Show.

Is the woody show in Kansas City?

Is Julianne still on the Woody show?

“Damn Julianne” Miller was both a phone screener for The Woody Show and a weekend host on KYSR; she was one of several hundred employees fired by iHeart—along with evening host Jake Dill—on January 20, 2020.

What happened to Woody from Woody and Rizzuto?

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – Woody of 105.7 the Point’s “Woody and Rizz Morning Show” is going all L.A on us. The station announced Monday that he’s DJ’s are going to LA’s KYSR-FM to start a new morning show there.