What happens at the end of the film Collateral?

In the final gunfight, he stands in clear view for Vincent to take a shot, which Vincent does. The glass breaks and Max takes a shot after Vincent, probably wounding him. Max then moves to his right to try and get cover between the doors. Vincent then shoots and hits the metal door at very close range.

What does Vincent say at the end of collateral?

Suddenly you are old, didn’t happened and it never will, ’cause you were never going to do it anyway. Hey Max… a guy gets on the MTA here in L.A. and dies… Think anybody will notice? Vincent’s final words, as he accepts defeat.

What happens in collateral the movie?

The film follows Max, a Los Angeles cab driver and his customer Vincent. When offered a high fare for driving to several locations, Max agrees but soon finds himself taken hostage by Vincent who turns out to be a hitman on a contract killing spree.

What does the coyote scene in Collateral mean?

The symbolism with the wolf and coyote is Max seeing that he is basically being stalked. Vincent seeing what his whole life has been about. Vincent is ex military and an assassin. His life had been about death.

Why is the movie called Collateral?

There’s no character in this film that isn’t in danger or who may come into harms way and that is partly what makes the title of the film fitting as called ‘Collateral’ because everybody in this movie feels the damage caused by Vincent in some way.

Is Collateral a sequel?

Collateral is a spiritual sequel to RHD: Shot on the streets of Los Angeles, it oozes specificity in a way that rarely comes through in a Los Angeles setting.

Who is the killer in Collateral?

Disillusioned MP for Labour David Mars (John Simm), is both Karen’s ex-husband and a friend of Jane and Linh’s, tying him to the murder two ways. They both call him for help. The killer, female army officer Sandrine Shaw (Jeany Spark) covers her tracks and returns to base.

What did the wolf mean in collateral?

The wolf represents Vincent and the coyote represents Max. Max is starting to put together the fact that Vincent is setting him up, as es evidenced by his repeatedly asking, “Why didn’t you kill me and find another cab driver?” Vincent sees himself in the wolf, too — a lone predator stalking it’s prey in the darkness.