What happens if you buy a spider donut?

Using a Spider Donut or Spider Cider during Muffet’s fight ends it immediately. Buying a Spider Donut from the Spider Bake Sale at Hotland prevents the fight with Muffet entirely, except in the Genocide Route.

How much does Spider Cider heal?

Spider Cider Description. Heals 24 HP. Found in Spider Bake Sale in the Ruins, 18G.

How much is the spider donut?

In the Ruins, Spider Donuts can be bought for 7G each and Spider Ciders for 18G each. In Hotland, Spider Donuts and Spider Ciders can be bought for 9999G each.

How do you defeat Muffet without killing her?

Muffet may be spared by waiting or consuming a spider item. She does not fight if an item was bought at the Spider Bake Sale in Hotland.

How do you beat Muffet pacifist without a spider donut?

go to sans’s hot dog stand and stock on hotdogs. Eat one every other turn. When muffet spares you, accept.

How do you beat Muffet pacifist with a spider donut?

First the battle box will begin to move to the left, whilst spiders come across in the shape of a pattern. After that her ‘pet’ will appear on the bottom of the screen and will begin to consume the web. Keep moving upwards, all the while dodging spiders. Paying Muffet halves her damage for one turn.

What does the Spider Cider do?

Using a Spider Cider or Spider Donut during Muffet’s fight immediately makes her spareable. Buying a Spider Cider from the Spider Bake Sale in Hotland prevents the fight with Muffet entirely, except in the Genocide Route.

How do you get 9999g in Undertale?

You have to use Dog Residue and sell the Dog Residues it generates, then use it again and sell again until you get 9999g.

How do you skip the Muffet boss fight?

If you buy an item from either of the two Spider Bake sales (Spider Donut or the Spider Cider) and use it in battle, Muffet can be SPARE d instantly without having to fight her.

Who offered Muffet money for your soul?

Flowey could have offered Muffet the money, but where would he get it from? Mettaton has more money than Flowey obviously. ‘I was the one that hired everyone to kill you!’ So this is a quote from Mettaton himself before he changes into his EX form at the core.

How do you spare Froggit in Undertale?

To spare Froggit, the protagonist must compliment it or threaten it. The first scripted Froggit encounter can be killed in one hit, and gives enough EXP to immediately reach LV 2.