What happens in the first chapter of Naruto?

Having finally made a friend, Naruto reveals himself and uses his newly mastered Multiple Shadow Clone Technique to defeat Mizuki, while the Third Hokage calls off the search. Amazed by the complicated technique Naruto has learned, Iruka officially makes Naruto a ninja in training and puts faith in him becoming Hokage.

Are Naruto books appropriate for elementary students?

This anime and manga are both well-known and a lot of people watched Naruto when they were kids. In my opinion Naruto is suitable for elementary school students. It shows some violence and blood, but in my opinion is nothing that kids hadn’t seen before on TV, etc.

What is Naruto first part?

The series began its serialization in the issue 43 from 1999. Shueisha later collected these chapters in tankōbon bound volumes. The first 244 chapters are known as Part I, and constitute the first part of the Naruto storyline.

What is Part 1 and Part 2 Naruto?

As a series, Naruto is divided into two parts. Part 1 spans volumes 1-27 and Part 2 covers volumes 28-72. The reason they’re divided into parts is because there’s a three-year time skip separating them. If you watch the anime, Naruto covers Part 1 while Naruto Shippuden adapts Part 2.

What is episode 1 of Naruto called?

Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!
“Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!” (参上! うずまきナルト, Sanjō! Uzumaki Naruto) is episode 1 of the original Naruto anime.

Can a 12 year old watch Naruto?

Naruto the series as it was being aired and watching from the beginning would be fine for an 11 year old. This is because they can only watch the show so often and the series progressed with the intention of the children watching or reading to grow up and continue reading or watching.

Is original Naruto better than Shippuden?

In about 480 episodes, Naruto Shippuden not only failed to deliver the same level of character depth as Naruto, but actually went ahead and destroyed some of the more interesting characters from the original series.