What is 23 degrees south of the North Pole?

Arctic circle: 23.5 degrees from the north pole. Tropic of Cancer: 23.5 degrees north of equator. Tropic of Capricorn: 23.5 degrees south of equator. Antarctic circle: 23.5 degrees from south pole.

What Tropic is 23 degrees and 26 minutes north of the equator?

The Tropic of Cancer
The Tropic of Cancer, for instance, is 23 degrees 26 minutes 21 seconds N—23° 26′ 21” N.

What is 23 1 2 degrees north of the South Pole?

Answer : The 23 1/2 degree North latitude is called as Tropic of Cancer. Latitude is an imaginary line which joins all places, having the same angular distance, both north and south of the equator.

Which line of latitude is located at 23 degrees 30 s?

Running at 23 degrees 30 minutes south latitude of the Equator, the Tropic of Capricorn is the parallel that marks the southernmost area in which the sun passes directly overhead at noon.

What is the name of the line at 23.5 degrees south?

23.5 degrees south latitude is known as the Tropic of Capricorn.

Why are the tropics at 23 degrees?

The reason for the location of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn at roughly 23.5 degrees north and south, respectively, is due to the axial tilt of the Earth. The Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of the Earth’s revolution around the sun each year.

What degree is the Tropic of Capricorn?

23.4394 degrees
Description: Abstract: The Tropic of Capricorn lies at 23d 26′ 22″ (23.4394 degrees) south of the Equator and marks the most southerly latitude at which the sun can appear directly overhead at noon. This event occurs at the December solstice, when the southern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun to its maximum extent.

What country is located 23.5 degrees north?

1 The Tropic of Cancer is located at 23.5 degrees north of the equator and runs through Mexico, the Bahamas, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, and southern China.

What is the name of the line at 23 1/20 N?

Important Latitudes and Longitudes The Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer are the special latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. They are situated at 66 1/2° N and 23 1/2° N respectively. On the other hand, the Antarctic Circle and the Tropic of Capricorn are the special latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is the parallel at 23 degree 30 minutes north of equator called?

Tropic of Cancer
Important Parallels of Latitudes: Apart from the equator (00) and the Poles (900); there are four important parallels of latitudes. They are as follows: Tropic of Cancer 23.50 N (230 30’N) or 23 degrees 30 minute north.

What is the 23 degrees south parallel also known as?

The 23rd parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 23 degrees south of the Earth’s equatorial plane, about 50 km north of the Tropic of Capricorn.