What is a another word for warning?

2 caution, admonition, advice; omen, sign, portent, augury, presage.

What can I say instead of crying?


  • cry,
  • howl,
  • shriek,
  • squall,
  • whimper,
  • whine,
  • yelp,
  • What is the adjective of warning?

    Adjective. warningly \ ˈwȯr-​niŋ-​lē \ adverb.

    How do you warn someone in English?

    Ways of warning or advising someone – thesaurus

    1. beware. verb. used to warn someone of danger or difficulty.
    2. watch it. phrase.
    3. mind (out) phrase.
    4. look before you leap. phrase.
    5. too many cooks (spoil the broth) phrase.
    6. it’s a good idea to do something. phrase.
    7. you can’t be too careful. phrase.
    8. don’t you dare. phrase.

    How do you describe almost crying?

    A single tear rolled down his cheek. He felt his throat closing up. Tears streamed down her face. He looked close to tears.

    What is the extreme form of crying?

    Scream-Crying: Violent crying accompanied with bouts of yelling or sometimes shrieking. May also include slapping, punching or other physical expressions of distress.

    What is the verb of warning?

    warn. (transitive) To make (someone) aware of impending danger etc. [from 11th c.] (transitive) To caution (someone) against unwise or unacceptable behaviour.

    What is a good sentence for warning?

    Noun She gave me a warning about the difficulties of the job. She issued a stern warning against making changes too quickly.

    How do you politely say warning?

    How do you write a warning message?

    Include: the reason for the warning and the potential problem, how someone should act, and what happens if they don’t act. If you don’t know the reason for a warning, don’t make one up – just say that something’s gone wrong and offer a solution for what they can do. Avoid repeating content from the title.

    How do you describe crying eyes in writing?

    Tears stream and streak, glint and glisten, flee and flow, prickle and trickle. They slip, slide, run, roll, seemingly unstoppable. Tears blur vision, soak hair, get wiped, get blinked. But some tears are unshed, unspent, unspilled, or unspecified.