What is a beavertail forend?

Beavertail forend. A broad forend, wrapping partially around the barrel(s) to give a more positive grip and to better protect the hand from hot barrels than does a splinter forend.

What is the wrist of the stock on a firearm?

The wrist is the area just behind the receiver, which you grasp while aiming the rifle. Because it’s the slimmest portion of the stock, it’s also the most likely to break. And on many rifles, it has no reinforcement.

What is a Schnabel forend?

Schnabel forearms. This is a type of forearm design distinguished by a thinner profile toward the front end of the forearm with a pronounced flair on the end. This can be a simple design or one with sculpturing . . . sometimes with defined edge lines and even a slight point at the bottom edge.

What is the forend of a rifle?

In firearms, the forearm (also known as the fore-end/forend, handguard or forestock) is a section of a gunstock between the receiver and the muzzle. It is used as a gripping surface to hold the gun steady, and is usually made out of heat-insulating material such as wood or reinforced plastics.

What is a toe on a gun?

Yes, stocks have a heel and a toe. A heel has the job of finding the pocket of the shooters shoulder. Some guys like a round heel and some like a more pointed one. The toe is there to take most of the recoil down into your body.

What is a Schnabel?

A Schnabel car or Schnabel wagon is a specialized type of railroad freight car. It is designed to carry heavy and oversized loads in such a way that the load makes up part of the car.

What is a handguard on a gun?

A handguard (also known as the forend or forearm) on firearms is a barrel shroud specifically designed to allow the user to grip the front of the gun.

What does forend mean?

Definition of fore-end 1 : the anterior end or part. 2 : the part of the stock of a firearm under the barrel and forward of the trigger guard.

What does drop at heel mean?

Drop at Heel: extent of vertical offset between the top of the barrels (rib) and the heel of the butt-stock. Cast: extent of offset left (cast on) or right (cast off) between the midline of the barrels and the center of the butt.

What is Schnabel forend?

Is Schnabel German?

Schnabel is a German surname meaning “beak”.