What is a direct purchase plan?

A direct stock purchase plan (DSPP) is an investment plan that allows individuals to purchase stock in a company directly from the company or through their transfer agent.

What companies offer direct stock purchase plans?

Examples of companies that offer direct stock purchase plans are Walmart, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola. Similar to the brokerage model, investors initiate the direct stock purchase by transferring money from their checking or savings accounts, and the money is used to purchase shares.

How can I invest in Femsa?

You can invest in FEMSA through our ordinary shares which trade on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV: FEMSAUBD) and through our ADS’s which trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FMX) by going through a broker, or you can purchase ADS’s directly from our direct purchase and sale plan with The Bank of New York.

Are Direct stock purchase plans good?

Good for long-term investing: Direct stock purchase plans can be good investment vehicles for the long term, especially for investors who use dollar-cost averaging through a regular schedule of stock purchases.

Can I purchase stocks without a broker?

It is possible to buy stock without a broker. In fact, there are three alternatives to using a full-service broker: opening an online brokerage account, investing in a dividend reinvestment plan, and investing in a direct stock purchase plan.

Are Direct Stock Purchase Plans good?

What does Femsa stand for?

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Do Amazon employees get stock?

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are shares of Amazon stock that Amazon employees are awarded as a part of their total compensation package. Rather than receiving these shares all at once, shares vest over time. For many Amazon employees, these RSUs can make up a large portion of their total compensation package.