What is a gent saw used for?

The Gent’s Saw was a simple yet versatile item found in many a gentleman’s tool box. Because of its stiff blade and fine cut, it is well suited for tenon cutting. Shoulder cuts are marked out, and cut to the proper depth. The tenon is finished by making the cheek cut.

What is a dovetail saw?

Definition of dovetail saw : a small backsaw with thin blade, fine teeth, and straight handle used for accurate work (as in cabinetmaking and patternmaking)

How many teeth does a dovetail saw have?

However, dovetail saws are smaller than other backsaws like the carcass saw and with finer teeth. The teeth per inch count on a dovetail saw will be in the 15 – 20 teeth range. Dovetail saws provide small and very precise cuts.

Are dovetail saws rip cut?

When you’re dovetailing, most of the cutting is rip anyway, and even for others things finer rip teeth crosscut just fine. If you are worried then just create a knife line prior to sawing. Rip teeth can be used successfully for any crosscuts in your small joinery.

Are Disston saws good?

It used a straight back blade, beech handle and four brass nuts. This was definitely an economy saw, but enjoyed a great reputation. It is interesting to note that even the cheapest saw that Disston made was still considered to be very high quality and found extensive use in a variety of applications.

Why do saws have a brass back?

The back of the saw limits the depth of the cut. The brass or steel back stiffens the blade and provides sufficient weight to cut. This increases the accuracy of the cut. The tenon saw is used to cut small pieces of wood and most joints.

Are dovetail saws rip saws?

Since dovetailing is a ripping operation, where the kerf is running with the grain, our Dovetail Saw has its teeth filed to a rip profile. Solid milled Brass back, finest quality Swedish Steel blade, Maple handle and traditional Brass split nut saw bolts.

Can you crosscut with a dovetail saw?

When did Disston stop making saws?

In the 1990’s the company stopped production. Today the Disston name is associated with Blu-mol reciprocating saw blades and drill bits that are made in China.

Which Disston saws are best?

The saws which contained the warranted extra refined London spring steel were the very best (and most costly) saws that Disston made. Topping the list is the D115 which had a skew back, carved rosewood handle with wheat flourishes and five nickel plated screws.

What is a gent’s saw?

Gent’s saws are basically smaller back saws that generally range from around 3″ on up to 10″. I’m writing this blog to simply say no woodworker should be without one. The 10″ is my favourite size and what cuts a lot cuts a little so I have little use for the smaller versions. All of … Gent’s Saws Read More » Skip to content Home About Videos

What is the difference between Gent’s PAX and other Gent saws?

The maker’s gent’s Pax version is the general quality identical to all its other gents saws they make and not the higher quality. Otherwise it expands into many of the other bijou makers when with a quick filing the inexpensive gents saw gets the exact same results. Miikka 14 September 2019 at 7:18 am

Is the Veritas Gents saw the best in-line shorter tenon saw?

I have been trying out the new gents saw from Veritas alongside others purported to be higher end saws and found this saw to be the best of all in-line shorter tenon saws. I like their more conventional pistol-grip saw very much, but playing the gents saw alongside the pistol grip gave me the ability to determine a proper evaluation.

What is a Tyzack Gents saw used for?

I have a small (4″) Tyzack gents saw, mainly used for model making. Love its design, especially the handle, it is a joy to hold. Don’t recall how I obtained it.