What is a good age for the London Marathon?

The qualifying period for the 2023 TCS London Marathon began on 4 October 2021 and will end at 23:59 on 2 October 2022….Good For Age applications for the 2023 TCS London Marathon – Sunday 23 April 2023.

Age Men Women
50-54 sub 3:15:00 sub 4:00:00
55-59 sub 3:20:00 sub 4:05:00

Should a 15 year old run a marathon?

13-to 15-year-olds Younger teenagers can safely attempt 10Ks (6.2 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles). Training can be upwards of every other day, or even every day as long as there is appropriate recovery time.

Can a teenager run a marathon?

Most marathons have age requirements. The minimum age is typically 16 or 18 years old. Marathons that have a lower age minimum do exist. The Honolulu Marathon, for instance, is open to anyone age 7 years and over.

What is the average London marathon time?

To finish in less than four hours If you made it to the end by four hours, you were in the top 47 per cent of men and the top 22 per cent of women. Men who finished in less than four hours were usually at halfway by 1:55:00 and women by 1:56:00.

Is it safe for a teenager to run a marathon?

When I ask people if children and adolescents should run marathons, the reflex answer is “no”! But very few bat an eye at the same kids playing football, ice hockey, or other contact sports with a fairly high risk of injury and the potential for catastrophic injuries and concussions.

How far can a 15 year old run?

Kids up to age 14 should only run three times per week. Athletes over 15 can train up to 5 times per week….Running Recommendations.

Age Distance
Under 9 1.5 mile
9-11 3.2 miles
12-14 6.4 miles
15-16 Half Marathon: 13.1 miles