What is a good mileage for a used bus?

These standards determine the maximum age and mileage for which a bus should be used. Smith said buses are expected to last about 12-15 years and 250,000 miles under normal conditions.

How many miles do buses last?

250,000 miles
The United States. In general, most American transit systems expect their buses to have a useful life of 12 years and 250,000 miles.

How many miles does a Skoolie last?

A properly kept Skoolie can last for a very long time but in truth, a Skoolie engine will not last more than 20 years or 250,000 miles (that if it is maintained and treated with care). You must take this timeline into consideration when buying and converting a school bus.

What is the oldest school bus still in use?

1927 Blue Bird
Summary. This 1927 Blue Bird is the oldest surviving school bus in America.

What engines are in school buses?

95% of all school buses in America are powered by diesel engines because of their reliability, durability, and safety. Over half of these (54%) rely on the cleanest, near-zero emission diesel engine technology.

How many gallons of gas does a school bus hold?

A school bus gas tank capacity is usually between 40 and 100 gallons, depending on the type of Skoolie you are driving, but also on what type of fuel you are using. You can see what difference the type of fuel makes, in the table below.

How much is a school bus engine?

The cost for replacing a bus engine will vary greatly depending on the type of engine you need, the manufacturer, horsepower, torque and year of manufacture. The price range for a new bus engine is between $3,500 to $14,500, highly influenced by the market you decide to buy.

How many gallons of gas can a school bus hold?

What kind of fuel mileage does a school bus get?

Buses are the safest way to get children to school, but they’re also fuel hogs that get only 4 to 6 miles per gallon.

Where was the first Blue Bird school bus made?

Fort Valley, Georgia
Blue Bird Body Company was founded in 1932 in Fort Valley, Georgia, as A.L….Blue Bird Corporation.

Blue Bird Corporation, Fort Valley, Georgia
Industry Bus manufacturing
Founded 1932 in Fort Valley, Georgia, U.S.
Founder Albert L. Luce, Sr.
Headquarters 402 Blue Bird Blvd P.O. Box 937 Fort Valley, Georgia 31030

Who is the oldest bus driver in the world?

According to Official Guinness Records, Carl Fisher (USA, b. 12 December 1930) has been driving a school bus in Pleasant Hope, Missouri, USA since 1946. He still drives high school students to Ozark Technical College daily, as of December 2010.