What is a Nelengu ceremony?

The Nelengu Ceremony is a cleansing and purification ritual for Southern Indian Weddings held by the woman of the couple’s families. The bride and groom get covered in tumeric paste to chase away any bad influences that might have an effect on their future together.

What is the importance of Talambralu?

A Telugu wedding ritual, Talambralu is metaphoric to the couple’s life ahead filled with happiness, prosperity and understanding. During this ritual, the bride and groom exchange garlands and the shower each other with pearls and rice mixed along with saffron and turmeric.

What is Nalangu?

Nalangu: This ceremony happens fro the bride and the groom separately. The bride and groom are made to seat on a wooden plank and five chosen women smear oil by using grass stems and apply a green gram paste. They will then do an aarti made of lime water mixed with turmeric to ward off the evils.

Why do we put Jeelakarra bellam?

The groom ties a sacred yellow thread attached with gold pendants in three knots as a promise to accept the bride as his wife. In some parts of Southern India , the couple performs a Jeelakarra Bellam (cumin jaggery) ritual where they place a leaf with thick paste on each other’s head, signifying inseparability.

What should we prepare for Nalangu?

Indra’s Nalangu Ceremony on the eve of her wedding

  1. Traditional Indian Hand Stone Grinder – Used as a form of blessing on the bride to be.
  2. A Platter of Fruits.
  3. Indra showing off her mehndi design.
  4. Rubbing yellow tumeric paste on her face and hands.

Do Hindu wear wedding rings?

In Indian weddings, they do not only use one-finger ring but a web-like hand ornament called haath phool. They also have head ornaments which protect the wife and husband and used as a sign of their married status. Feet ornaments like anklets and toe rings preserve the wife’s energy and promote better menstrual cycles.