What is a nit in poker terms?

A nit is an exceptionally tight poker player who only enters the pot with top tier premium holdings. Nits spend most of their life folding on the first betting round (preflop in Hold’em), but if they do start betting and raising, they nearly always have the nuts (or close to it).

What is a deep stack in poker?

What is Deep Stack Poker? A deep stack can refer to having a large stack in a cash game, typically more than 100 big blinds, as well as to a tournament with a starting stack that is relatively high when compared to the blinds and antes. Thus, these tournaments are oftentimes referred to as deep stack tournaments.

Is it good to be a nit in poker?

Being a Nit Messes Up Your Frequencies Because they don’t give action very often without monster hands — especially when they face raises — nits open themselves up to enormous exploitation by other players. Compounding this vulnerability, the nit will not get paid on their monster hands.

How do you play against a nit in poker?

How To Exploit The Nits

  1. Open-raising too tight. Against a player with a tighter open-raising range, we should tighten our continuing range.
  2. Folding too much against 3-bets.
  3. Folding too much in the BB.
  4. 3-betting too tight (5% or less)
  5. 4-betting too tight (2.3% or less 4-bet range)

How tight is too tight in poker?

Most new players start out on the “tight” and “passive” ends of the spectrum when it comes to their playing styles, often being extreme by both measures. They play too tight — that is, they play too few hands.

How do you play deep stack?

You don’t have to play like a nit – but try to be a bit picky about your hands. Exploit The Nits: Steal their blinds, pressure them to fold their weaker hands. On the flip side, you should fold your borderline hands when they bet strong, or stop betting if they keep calling you.

Is NIT poker profitable?

In a lower-stakes live cash game or a medium stakes game with many recreational players, the nit approach can actually be insanely profitable. If you play tight and make big raises and bets, these players will tend to still call you and try to break your big hands, even if they do know you have them.

Is it better to be tight or loose in poker?

There are some experienced players who have great success by adopting a loose-aggressive style of poker. However, for the majority of players a tight-aggressive approach is usually the most profitable.

What is no limit hold’em deep stack?

Firstly, let’s look at the meaning of “deep stacked.” In No Limit Hold’em cash games you are classed as being deep stacked when the pile of chips in front of you is significantly greater than the value of 100 big blinds.

How do you play better deep stack poker?

In deep-stack poker, you have to make huge river decisions. The pot is big and you still have money left to bet. The only thing worse than facing a huge all-in turn bet is facing that same-sized turn bet with more money left to bet on the river.