What is a pepper pack on a MINI 2010?

Available on used MINI One and MINI Cooper models, the Pepper pack adds some comfort and smart design touches to the exterior and interior. Included is a sport leather steering wheel, air conditioning, a storage compartment pack, interior light, automatic headlight activation, 16″ alloy wheels and more.

What is included in a MINI pepper pack?


  • 15″ light alloy wheels Heli Spoke in silver.
  • Floor mats in velour.
  • MINI Excitement Pack.
  • Front fog lights.
  • Leather steering wheel.
  • On-board computer.
  • Passenger seat height adjustment.
  • Storage Compartment Pack.

How much does a 2010 Mini Cooper go for?

The value of a used 2010 MINI Cooper ranges from $1,997 to $8,057, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

What does MINI pack mean?

Minipack definition A small package of some product. noun.

What is Chili pack?

The Chili Pack is the most popular by far. It features everything in the Pepper Pack above along with: 16” Victory Spoke alloy wheels in silver. Cloth/leather Diamond upholstery. Mini Driving Modes (can change to a sportier drive or more economical one)

What is MINI wired package?

The optional MINI Wired Package now comes with a navigation system, wireless charging and also, enhanced Bluetooth mobile preparation. Moreover, the multifunctional instrument display comes as standard with MINI Wired Package.

Does MINI have keyless entry?

The MINI Cooper comfort access keyless entry supports and provides the function of locking and unlocking the vehicle along with unlocking the trunk lid separately.

Do MINIs have parking sensors?

A backup camera and rear parking sensors are now standard on every Mini Cooper.

What is a chili pack?

What is the excitement pack?

The Driving Excitement pack is essentially part of the Mini Connected service – a USB interface that incorporates a number of smartphone based functions into the infotainment system of your Mini. A lot of these functions come in the form of specific apps, of which Driving Excitement is one.

What is the pepper pack on a mini?

The Pepper Pack adds more comfort to your MINI, including a sport leather steering wheel, floor mats, passenger seat height adjustment, storage compartment pack, MINI Excitement Pack, rain sensor and automatic headlight activation, automatic, air conditioning, interior lights pack, mirror caps in body, colour for One/D models and 16″ Loop Spoke

What is the difference between a Mini Cooper s and chili pack?

Depending on the model, Minis with a Chili Pack can get £1,000 more than the standard models. But be wary that this difference might be a little less on the Cooper S models, as the sport leather steering wheel, sports seats and clear indicators come as standard. Also Cooper S models come with 17” alloys, rather than 16”.

Should I buy a pepper mini or non-pepper mini?

What you’ve to remember is the vast majority of used minis have some form of package. On the one the pepper is most popular due to the value gained – the bits are cheaper this way than they are separately. You’d theoretically be putting your non-pepper mini against one with… No prizes for guessing which would be more desirable!

What is the Best Mini Mini pack to buy?

Mini packs explained 1 Pepper Pack. The Pepper Pack can be seen as the entry level option. 2 Chili Pack. The Chili Pack is the most popular by far. 3 Media Pack XL. If you’re after a lot of tech, then you should keep an eye out for the Media Pack XL. 4 Driving Assistant Pack. 5 Parking Assistant Pack.