What is a popular name legislation?

What’s in a popular name? Laws acquire popular names as they make their way through Congress. Sometimes these names say something about the substance of the law (as with the ‘2002 Winter Olympic Commemorative Coin Act’).

What is a popular names table?

The Popular Name Table lists the short titles of laws alphabetically with the Public Law number, the Statutory citation, and, if applicable, the citation to the section of the U.S. Code where the short title is listed.

Where is the popular names table in Lexis?

To access the Popular Name Table on Lexis, go to Federal Legal → United States Code Service Materials → USCS Popular Names Table. On Lexis, the format of the Popular Names Table is essentially the same as the print version.

Where is the popular name table Westlaw?

The “Table of Popular Names” appears at the end of the volume set of the United States Code, the United States Code Annotated, and the United States Code Service. All of these sets can be found on the second floor of the library.

What is a session law citation?

Session laws are chronological compilations of the laws passed by a particular legislature within each session. All federal statutes are published in chronological order in the Statutes at Large (e.g., 78 Stat. 241). This indicates that the law being cited begins on page 241 of Volume 78.

How is a public law number created?

When a statute is passed by Congress, it is assigned a public law number (e.g. Pub. L. 93-406) and published by date in the official Statutes at Large (Stat.). It is then organized by topic in the official United States Code (U.S.C.).

Where is the popular name table in Westlaw?

Under the Tools & Resources section in the right column click Popular Name Table, which lists the acts in alphabetical order. To see the statutory sections under which an act is codified, click the act’s name.

What is the name of the federal code published by Lexis?

United States Code Service (USCS) from LexisNexis is the most comprehensive, authoritative, current, and easy-to-use USCS Code set for your investment.

What do session laws do?

Session laws are laws that have been enacted during a legislative session. Session law publications publish these laws in chronological order, by the legislative session in which they were enacted. A session law may be subsequently amended or repealed by a later session law.

How do I Bluebook my act?


  1. Title of Act.
  2. Law abbreviation.
  3. The abbreviation “No.”
  4. Law number.
  5. Pinpoint reference (if applicable)
  6. Volume.
  7. Abbreviated name of session law publication (See Appx.
  8. Pages and sections (if pinpoint citing give the beginning page and the relevant page to which you are citing)

Is a public law a statute?

At the federal level, each statute is published in three versions. First, a statute is enacted as a slip law, which is printed on a single sheet or in pamphlet form. When a slip law is published, it will be assigned a Public Law Number to identify it. The Public Law Number (e.g., Pub.