What is a priority search Land Registry?

An official search of whole with priority is used to protect a transaction for value that affects the whole of the land in a registered title, eg a purchase, a lease or a charge.

How long does an OS1 search take?

1 Answers. It depends; using the professional e-portal some are instant, whereas a search of part might take up to 2-3 days.

Can you do an official search of part without priority?

An official search without priority may only be lodged in respect of a registered title. It cannot be used to search against a pending first registration title.

What is the difference between OS1 and OS2 search?

The Purpose of the Search An OS2 is done for the same reasons as an OS1. the difference is that an OS2 must be done when purchasing part, as opposed to the whole of, a registered title, for example when buying a new build property or perhaps a plot for development.

How long does priority search last Northern Ireland?

Priority search applications cannot be processed until operations resume and will be dealt with in order of submission. The 40 day priority period will run from the date that the Land Registry is reopened.

What does a priority search show?

Priority search is one of the key steps that ensure the seller has the complete right to the property and notifies if anyone has made any charges or has any interest or rights on the property.

How does a priority search work?

What is the benefit of a priority period?

During the priority period, the buyer’s query takes priority over an entry made in the Registry. Such a priority can be taken advantage if the search is conducted by the lender.

When should you do a priority search?

Priority search is one of the most important searches conducted in the conveyancing process. It is conducted by the buyer’s solicitor after the exchange of contracts. Priority searches are some of the last-minute searches conducted by the solicitor. This is conducted immediately before the completion.

What is the benefit of OS1 priority period?

A “Form OS1” search will reveal if any more recent applications have been made to the Land Registry and will also give a “priority period” so that provided the Buyer’s application to register their own Title is made within the next 30 working days, it will have priority over any subsequent application.

Which is better OS1 or OS2?

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Can you withdraw a priority search?

Withdrawal of official search with priority —(1) Subject to paragraph (2), a person who has made an application for an official search with priority of a registered title or in relation to a pending first registration application, may withdraw that official search by application to the registrar.