What is a standard bath panel size?

Bath panel sizes Different baths require different size panels, the most common are 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm and 1800mm for front panels, and for 700mm, 750mm and 800mm for end panels.

Can wooden bath panels be cut to size?

There are also different types of materials of bath panels: acrylic and wooden being the main two. Wooden panels are much easier to cut to size, so are suitable for when people opt to make their own panels, or paint the wood in a colour that will suit their bathroom aesthetic.

Can bath panels be cut to size?

Most panels are non-adjustable, so if you need to alter the size, you’ll have to cut it yourself – either for height or length due to tiles, pipework or skirting boards. Most bath panels are available as a single piece with a fixed height.

Are wooden bath panels good?

Wood. Wooden bath panel ideas are great if you’re seeking to add warmth or a natural touch to your bathroom space. You will still have a choice when it comes to colours and often a wood panel will come as part of a full furniture range.

What height are bath panels?

Standard height bath panels are only adjustable upto 560mm high, so we have introduced a range of extra height panels that can be adjusted to 620mm for those super deep baths.

Are wooden bath panels waterproof?

The bath panels feel like wood, look like wood and have the same high gloss finish as wood, yet even when cut the PVC material is 100% waterproof. The Verona bath panel is the best in its class!…Verona Waterproof 1700mm Front Bath Panel.

Brand Objekt Ceramica
Material Acrylic
Spec Sheet Link

What wood is best for a bath panel?

Most bath panels are either made from MFC, standard MDF, moisture resistant MDF, water resistant MDF or Acrylic….Panels also come in wood effects to match furniture, wall cabinets and toilet seats; these wood effects include:

  • Pippy Oak.
  • Lancaster Oak.
  • Beech.
  • Mahogany.
  • Matt Walnut.
  • Gloss Walnut.
  • Black Finnish Pine.