What is a Vevo video?

Vevo (/ˈviːvoʊ/ VEE-vo, an abbreviation for “Video evolution”) is an American multinational video hosting service, best known for providing music videos to YouTube. The service is also available as an app on selected smart TVs, digital video recorders, digital media players and streaming television services.

How do I get my video on Vevo?

How to get your music video on Vevo

  1. Create an account with an official Vevo partner. You can only upload your music videos or set up a new artist channel through one of Vevo’s official partners.
  2. Upload your music video.
  3. Wait for your channel & video to appear.

Is Vevo better than YouTube?

One of the main advantage of having your music video on Vevo is that they have a higher payout than YouTube channels who monetise their videos. Depending on the audience’s country, Vevo pays an estimated amount of $0.00222 to $0.0025 per view.

How does Vevo make money?

VEVO videos are monetized using the same online advertising model as other user-generated content on YouTube. VEVO videos also need to meet YouTube’s eligibility requirements in order to qualify for ads in the first place.

Why do artists use Vevo?

Vevo has music videos, original series, behind-the-scenes footage, live performances and interviews with artists. Vevo provides this type of content to viewers by establishing partnerships with major record companies, independent artists and other premium content owners.

How much does a Vevo cost?

There is no cost associated with the creation of a Vevo [YouTube] channel.

How much money do you get for 1 billion views on YouTube?

In theory, a good content creator might earn anywhere from $240k to $5 million based on 1 billion views on YouTube. This income is based solely on potential ad revenue based on viewership.

Do artists make money from Vevo?

” Vevo pays about $0.00222 to $0.0025 per view. And in a 2013 study, they paid out about $100 million dollars in royalties to artists with a total of 40–45 billion views. ” The CPM claimed by VEVO in one of their interviews with CNET is $25 – $40. However, artists will get about 50% or less.