What is an example of logrolling?

For example, a vote on behalf of a tariff may be traded by a congressman for a vote from another congressman on behalf of an agricultural subsidy to ensure that both acts will gain a majority and pass through the legislature (Shughart 2008).

How do you use logrolling in a sentence?

There are just too many examples of Republican sell-outs and cop-outs and logrolling over liberty. No matter how huge the benefits are, the regulation loses, unless you can get some legislative compromise or logrolling.

What does logrolling mean?

Logrolling is the act of trading across issues in a negotiation. Logrolling requires that a negotiator knows his or her own priorities, but also the priorities of the other side.

Where is logrolling used?

Abstract. Logrolling is a common patient care procedure performed by many health care workers. The purpose of logrolling is to maintain alignment of the spine while turning and moving the patient who has had spinal surgery or suspected or documented spinal injury.

What is logrolling quizlet?

Logrolling. An arrangement in which two or more members of Congress agree in advance to support each other’s bills. Representation.

What is log roll used for?

In medicine, in particular, in emergency medicine, the log roll or logrolling is a maneuver used to move a patient without flexing the spinal column. Patient’s legs are stretched, the head is held, to immobilize the neck.

What’s a log roller called?

A cant hook or pike or a hooked pike is a traditional logging tool consisting of a wooden lever handle with a movable metal hook called a dog at one end, used for handling and turning logs and cants, especially in sawmills.

What is another name for log roll?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for logrolling, like: back-scratching, help, promotion, chicanery, aid, improvement, influence and birling.