What is an example of psychographic segmentation?

Examples: Psychographic segmentation examples include luxury items and articles that appeal to a particular lifestyle such as vegetarians and pescatarians. Examples of behavioral segmentation include choosing one product over another due to variation or functionality.

What types of products would you use psychographic segmentation for?

Marketers of retail products such as video game consoles, e-readers, tablet computers, etc., typically attempt to identify their target audience based on key demographic data points such as income, education level, number (and ages) of children in the household, etc.

How does Coca Cola use psychographic segmentation?

Coca Cola targets both genders with its wide variety of drinks. This market is relatively large and is open to both genders, thereby allowing greater product diversification. In psychographic segmentation, Coca Cola buyers are divided into different groups on the basis of lifestyle or personality or values.

How does Nike use psychographic segmentation?

Nike also uses psychographic segmentation to target individuals with specific lifestyles and personalities. To use this variable effectively Nike must target individuals who enjoy sports. Whether it is playing, watching or simply talking about sports, these activities shape personalities and lifestyles.

How does Apple use psychographic segmentation?

Apple also includes the behavioral variables of its target market in its market segment. It consists of the attitudes, usage, responses, and product knowledge. The psychographic element of Apple’s market segmentation tackles developing products based on the target market’s lifestyles.

How does McDonald’s use market segmentation?

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants companies in the world. The way McDonald’s built its marketing segmentation remains mysterious….2.3 Demographic Approach.

Type of segmentation Segmentation criteria McDonald’s target segment
Demographic Age All age
Gender Male/Female
Income Low and Middle

What are psychographic factors?

Psychographics is the study of consumers based on their activities, interests, and opinions (AIOs). It goes beyond classifying people based on general demographic data, such as age, gender, or race. Psychographics seeks to understand the cognitive factors that drive consumer behaviors.

What is the market segmentation of Nike?

For Nike, its market segmentation involves four categories – geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. For Nike’s demographic segmentation, the firm included various age groups, gender, and the customer’s financial status.

What is the market segmentation of Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola’s market segmentation focuses on four various elements, namely geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. Coca-Cola might have originated from the United States, but it has expanded its brand to various countries across the globe over the years.

How does Nike segment their market?

Nike creates sub-segments based on needs, demographics, priorities, shared interests, and behavioral and psychographic criteria. The process of identifying the segments will vary from company to company. For Nike, its market segmentation involves four categories – geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral.