What is an MPhil degree at Oxford?

A Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is a two-year postgraduate course in which the first year is taught, and the second year is predominantly research-based. For more information about the different types of graduate courses offered at Oxford, please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

How can I get MPhil in Oxford?

Entry requirements for entry in 2022-23

  1. Proven and potential academic excellence. Degree-level qualifications.
  2. English language proficiency. This course requires proficiency in English at the University’s higher level.
  3. Declaring extenuating circumstances.
  4. Supervision.

What is MPhil in Development Studies?

The MPhil in Development Studies seeks to provide students with a critical and reflexive program that eschews the norm. This approach to development enables a rethinking of who benefits from explicit and implicit contemporary approaches, allowing for a repositioning of who development is for.

Does Oxford offer master’s degree?

We offer a wide range of part-time courses, from postgraduate certificates and diplomas to taught master’s degrees and doctoral degrees.

Is MPhil equivalent to PhD?

A. MPhil is ‘Master of Philosophy’ and PhD means ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. Both the degrees are based on research and course work but a PhD has a higher edge over MPhil. Through a PhD, a candidate can teach in universities and the education line as well.

Is Development Studies a good degree?

A degree in development studies can be a good start for a career in policy. Many institutions, including governments, international bodies and NGOs hire development studies graduates to assist with drafting policies, especially related to the Global South.

What is the scope of Development Studies?

Development studies graduates have a wide range of career options. Many go on to work for development research organizations, charities, think tanks, lobby groups, conservation projects, while others opt for roles in government, academia, or the civil service.

Is MPhil discontinued?

The National Education Policy 2020 provides a framework for reorganising and revamping higher education in India. Among several of its recommendations, the decision to discontinue the MPhil programme is a signifi cant one.