What is another word for knee-deep?

What is another word for knee-deep?

absorbed engrossed
involved immersed
occupied entangled
up to one’s ears up to your elbows
up to your eyes passionate

What does it mean to be knee-deep into something?

deeply embroiled; enmeshed; involved: knee-deep in trouble.

Which word is a synonym for hoopla?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hoopla, like: ballyhoo, razzmatazz, hype, hullabaloo, publicity, excitement and plug.

Is knee-deep an idiom?

Mired in or overwhelmed by something very difficult or troublesome. The company is knee-deep in scandal after an undercover journalist exposed its CEO’s practice of bribing politicians. We’re going to end up knee-deep in debt if our next product isn’t a major success.

How do you use knee-deep in a sentence?

Rita had returned and Harrigan was knee-deep in paper work, smiling as usual, but looking as if his heart wasn’t in it. ita Angeltoni was the sloppiest woman Dean had ever known. Water that is knee-deep can rapidly become chin high, or higher.

What does it mean to be neck deep?

Definition of neck-deep 1 : reaching as high as one’s neck She stood in neck-deep water. 2 : standing in something that reaches to one’s neck —usually + in She was neck-deep in water. —often used figuratively We were neck-deep in work. neck-deep.

What does hype and hoopla mean?

1 : excited commotion : to-do. 2 : exaggerated or sensational promotion or publicity : ballyhoo.

Where did the word hoopla come from?

First recorded in 1865–70, hoopla is from the French word houp-là! command (as to a child) to move, take a step.

What does Ankle Deep mean?

Definition of ankle-deep : of depth sufficient to reach the ankles a street ankle-deep in mud.

What is the meaning of deep inside?

Definition of deep down (inside) —used to mean that something is true or real even if it is not said or shown to other people He knew deep down inside that she was right. Deep down, I think we all felt the same way.

What is a word for deeply felt?

What is another word for deeply felt?

expressive moving
profound delineated
figurative heartfelt
vigorous heartrending
resonant well-expressed