What is anti fencing law Philippines?

1612, or the “Anti-Fencing Law” (P.D. 1612). The crime of fencing punishes the act of buying, receiving, possessing, or selling an item that a person knows, or should know, was derived from the proceeds of robbery or theft.

What is the crime of fencing?

“Fencing”—the crime of buying and reselling stolen merchandise—is one of the links that binds theft to the larger social system. Without someone to dispose of stolen property, thieves would have to rely on their own connections, and both the costs and the risks of crime would increase substantially.

What is the law regarding lost and found property Philippines?

It provides: Article 719. Whoever finds a movable, which is not treasure, must return it to its previous possessor. If the latter is unknown, the finder shall immediately deposit it with the mayor of the city or municipality where the finding has taken place.

What is RA stealing?

The penalties for the crime of theft is specifically provided under Section 81 of Republic Act 10951, which amended Article 309 of the Revised Penal Code.

What is the penalty of anti fencing law?

(b) The penalty of prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods, if the value of the property robbed or stolen is more than 6,000 pesos but not exceeding 12,000 pesos.

What are the acts punishable under PD 1829?

(i) giving of false or fabricated information to mislead or prevent the law enforcement agencies from apprehending the offender or from protecting the life or property of the victim; or fabricating information from the data gathered in confidence by investigating authorities for purposes of background information and …

What is PD 1612 fence?

(a) “Fencing” is the act of any person who, with intent to gain for himself or for another, shall buy, receive, possess, keep, acquire, conceal, sell or dispose of, or shall buy and sell, or in any other manner deal in any article, item, object or anything of value which he knows, or should be known to him, to have …

How can a person be liable for a fencing?

Liability of Officials of Juridical Persons. If the fence is a partnership, firm, corporation or association, the president or the manager or any officer thereof who knows or should have known the commission of the offense shall be liable.

What is RA No 7659?

Republic Act No. 7659 An Act To Impose The Death Penalty On Certain Heinous Crimes, Amending For That Purpose The Revised Penal Laws, As Amended, Other Special Penal Laws, And For Other Purposes.

How does a person violates anti-fencing law?

A person violates anti-fencing law by buying, receiving, possessing, keeping, acquiring, concealing, selling or disposing of, or buying and selling, or in any manner deal in any article, item, object or anything of value which he know, or should be known to him, to have been derived from the proceeds of the crime of …