What is Bad Religion best album?

Bad Religion Albums Ranked

  1. Stranger Than Fiction (1994)
  2. No Control (1989)
  3. Against The Grain (1990)
  4. Suffer (1988)
  5. Generator (1992)
  6. The Gray Race (1996)
  7. Recipe For Hate (1993)
  8. The Process Of Belief (2002)

Why did Greg hetson leave Bad Religion?

In April 2013, Hetson stopped touring with Bad Religion, supposedly due to divorce, and after briefly playing as a four-piece band (as Gurewitz does not tour with the band due to his commitments with Epitaph), Bad Religion recruited Mike Dimkich of The Cult to fill in for Hetson.

What does the band Bad Religion stand for?

The idea behind both the band name and the logo weren’t meant to be anti-religious; it was their way to define religion as ‘any kind of social group that prescribes a certain way of thinking. ‘ Greg Graffin’s garage became the band’s official rehearsal space and was nicknamed ‘The Hellhole.

How old is Greg Graffin?

57 years (November 6, 1964)Greg Graffin / Age

How many records has Bad Religion sold?

five million albums
To date, Bad Religion has released seventeen studio albums, two live albums, three compilation albums, three EPs, and two live DVDs. They are considered to be one of the best-selling punk rock acts of all time, having sold over five million albums worldwide.

How many songs does Bad Religion have?

1992’s Generator charted in the top 50 in Germany, while it’s 1993 follow-up Recipe for Hate reached the top 40. After signing with major label Atlantic Records, Bad Religion released its final album with Gurewitz before his departure, Stranger than Fiction….

Bad Religion discography
Music videos 25
EPs 2
Singles 29

Why did Brooks leave Bad Religion?

On October 27, 2015, Brooks left Bad Religion after deciding it was time to pursue another path. At the time of his departure, Wackerman was Bad Religion’s all-time longest standing drummer, surpassing Bobby Schayer, who was in the band for ten years.

Who left Bad Religion?

Brett Gurewitz
Around 1994, Bad Religion signed a four-album contract with Atlantic Records — you recorded the first album, Stranger Than Fiction, then shortly after Brett Gurewitz quit the band and you were going through a divorce.

Is Bad Religion straight edge?

Straight edge is a subculture and subgenre of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational/non-prescribed drugs….List of straight edge people.

Name Notes
Greg Graffin Musician, college lecturer, and author mostly known for the band Bad Religion.

Is Bad Religion good?

Anyone who’s spent any time with Bad Religion will know what they are getting into with Age of Unreason. It’s a good album that largely succeeds because the band are old pros. And because Graffin and Gurewitz have plenty of genuine anger and articulate that anger in interesting ways.