What is better Vapor or superfly?

The Superfly features a fit that is a lot more snug and unites the foot through leg, whereas Vapor XI allows for more natural movement along the ankle through sharp cuts. Price is also something to factor in, with the Superfly priced at almost $100 more than the Vapor.

Is mercurial or phantom better?

Both soleplates provide aggressive traction. The Mercurial and its Aerotrac progressive forefoot flex are excellent if you’re all about bursting straight line speed, whereas the Phantom GT is your boot of choice if you prefer deft movements on the pitch and rotational turns.

Are Mercurial Superfly good for wide feet?

The Mercurial Superfly are super responsive (they react to your foot’s movements well) They’re very comfortable for a lightweight boot. They provide very aggressive traction (helps with grip & running fast) They are narrow fitting (not the best for those with wide feet)

What is the difference between the Hypervenom and the mercurial?

Firstly the upper materials are completely different; after feedback from their athletes revealed players looking for a boot with the benefits of bare-foot touch, Nike created NIKESKIN for the HyperVenom – a unique material that is much softer than the Mercurial upper.

What is the difference between the Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superfly?

In a first for Nike, the Mercurial Superfly is identical to the Vapor with the one exception being the dynamic fit collar. If you prefer the collar of your cleat to come up over your ankle, the Superfly is for you. The Nike Mercurial Superfly The Mercurial and Mercurial Superfly are ultra lightweight weighing in at 6.4oz and 7.2 oz respectively.

How good is the Hypervenom?

The speed elements of the HyperVenom are more agility focused – dribbling into congested penalty boxes, quick feet, changing direction at pace and pushing off to get to the ball before defenders. Here’s our best car analogy to try and explain it – you’d want the Mercurial for a drag race and the HyperVenom for a tight cornered race track.

What is the difference between the honeycomb and mercurial upper?

The honeycomb design feels wax like to touch and provides noticeably more grip than the speed control texture on the Mercurial. The Mercurial upper is designed to cut through air fast and therefore create high powered acceleration which is perfect for players who sprint longer distances throughout the 90 minutes.