What is CADWELD made of?

CADWELD connections are made with a semi-permanent graphite mold, which holds the conductors to be welded. Weld metal (a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum) is dumped into the top of the mold. The mold is covered and the weld metal ignited.

What is a CADWELD connection?

The CADWELD® process is a method of making electrical connections of copper-to-copper or copper-to-steel in which no outside source of heat or power is required. In this process, conductors are prepared, placed in a purpose-designed graphite mold, and exothermically welded to produce a permanent electrical connection.

Can you CADWELD to stainless steel?

Each weld uses one disk. Two types of CADWELD weld metal are used for Cathodic protection connections: F-33 alloy is used for all connections of cable to cable and cable to steel or stainless steel pipe.

Do CADWELD shots expire?

All outer packages must be stored in accordance with label markings. If proper storage is maintained, the CADWELD PLUS unit and CADWELD Welding Materials do not exhibit any storage or shelf life.

How is a CADWELD done?

Do Cadweld shots expire?

Can you Cadweld aluminum?

Cadweld Air-Dry Flux must be lightly sprayed on to prevent re-oxidation. Cadweld welding material is a mixture of copper, aluminum and other ingredients.

How long does a Cadweld mold last?

approx. 50 connections
Q: How long does a Cadweld mold last? The factory spec’s their semi-permanent molds to last approx. 50 connections. This number can be greatly affected by the amount of care taken while using and cleaning the mold.

Can you Cadweld in the rain?

It is not recommended that you CAD weld in the rain, even though it is a self-contained process. Water can get inside the chamber and cause unnecessary defects. If you are going to CAD weld in the rain, ensure that it is dry as possible around the welding.