What is cleistogamy in biology?

Cleistogamy means the formation of flowers that do not open (CL), and thus production of seeds is a result of autogamy. In contrast, flowers that open are called chasmogamous flowers (CH), and they have various types of breeding systems, depending on the taxon.

What is cleistogamy example?

Cleistogamy is a type of automatic self-pollination of certain plants that can propagate by using non-opening, self-pollinating flowers. The flowers are intersexual. They remain closed causing self-pollination. Examples: Viola, Oxalis, Commelina, Cardamine.

What is cleistogamy and Chasmogamy?

Chasmogamous flowers have their anthers and stigma exposed, whereas cleistogamous flowers are closed and do not open at all. E.g. Oxalis, Viola and Commelina produce both cleistogamous and chasmogamous flowers.

What is cleistogamous flowers Class 12?

Solution : (a) The flowers which do not open at all are known as cleistogamius flowers In such flowers the anthers and stigma lie close to each other . When anthers dehisce in the contact with the stigma to effect pollination. (b) Cleistogamous flowers produced assured seed-set even in the absence of pollinators .

What is meant by cleistogamous flower Class 12?

Cleistogamous flowers are flowers that do not open at all. Cleistogamy refers to the self-pollination which occurs in unopened flowers. Advantage of cleistogamy: Cleistogamous flowers produce assured seed-set even in the absence of pollinators.

What is cleistogamous flower Class 12?

What is meant by chasmogamous?

adjective Botany. pertaining to or having pollination occur in a fully opened flower. GOOSES. GEESES.

What is meant by chasmogamous flowers?

Chasmogamous flowers have exposed anthers and stigma as they open at maturity. Whereas the cleistogamous flowers never open.Hence self pollination becomes inevitable in cleistogamous flowers. Cross-pollination cannot occur in cleistogamous flowers as they don’t open at all.

What are the difference between cleistogamous and chasmogamous flowers?

Chasmogamous refers to the production of flowers that open, so as to expose the reproductive organs and allow cross-pollination, while cleistogamous refers to the condition of having small, unopened, self-pollinating flowers, usually in addition to showier flowers.

What are cleistogamous flowers Ncert?