What is Club Mobay arrival?

In a nutshell adding Club Mobay to your Jamaica vacation will add VIP airport fast tracking service upon arrival (and an arrival lounge experience) and a departure lounge for you to enjoy while waiting for your flight home. These services are available in both the Montego Bay and Kingston airports.

How do I book a Club Mobay arrival?

How to book Club Mobay? The Club Mobay VIP experience can be booked via the Island Routes Sales & Service Center at 1-877-768-8370. You can make this reservation online, after which you’ll receive email confirmation. Your confirmation email includes a Club Mobay voucher that you’ll receive in PDF format.

Is Mobay club worth?

Is Club Mobay worth it? Yes, it does add to the cost of your trip to Jamaica if you book the Club Mobay VIP experience.

Do you tip Club Mobay servers?

Yes, we tip the folks at Club Mobay.

How much does Club Mobay cost?

Club Mobay Rates: For a round trip, Club Mobay charges $80 per adult and $40 per child. However, if you book separately, arrivals are $50 per person, and departures are $30. Club Mobay Lounge allows travelers to breeze through the long immigration and customs lines at the airport.

What is the fastest way to get through customs in Jamaica?

There is an expedited express service both arrival and departure through Montego Bay Airport, which provides a fast lane through immigration and customs along with access to VIP lounges. This can be booked on the Amstar website or with your Amstar representative in resort.

Is clear in Jamaica?

Clear Channel Airports, a brand division of Clear Channel Outdoor and a subsidiary of iHeartMedia Inc., today announced a five-year partnership extension with Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and operated by MBJ Airports Limited.

Who owns Mobay?

Nadine Dixon
Mobay, which refers to Jamaica’s Montego Bay, could open to the public as soon as March at 1022 S. First St., after a soft opening starting at the end of February. Restaurant owner Nadine Dixon, who is from Jamaica and has family in Panama and the Bahamas, said she wants to include menu items from beyond Jamaica.

How do I avoid customs charges in Jamaica?

When entering Jamaica, your duty-free limit is increased from US$50 to $500. With this in mind, an easy way for you to avoid customs fees is to wait until your next trip or ask a relative who is visiting to take the item for you.

What year was VIP Attractions established Jamaica?

Together with David Hall, VIP Attractions was created in 2010 to build Club MoBay and Club Kingston at the respective airports. Carlos is the director in charge of the construction of the lounges, and as of mid-April 2011.

How much is Jamaica customs fee?

Import Duty – 20%