What is Colfax Louisiana known for?

Colfax is most known for a Reconstruction Era massacre known as the Colfax massacre which took place Easter, April 13, 1873 to quell black voting.

Where was the Colfax massacre?

ColfaxColfax massacre / Location

When was the Colfax massacre?

April 13, 1873Colfax massacre / Start date

How is Louisiana described?

Louisiana is a state located in the southeastern portion of the United States south of Arkansas between Texas and Mississippi. It features a distinct multicultural population that was influenced by French, Spanish, and African peoples during the 18th century due to colonization and enslavement.

When was the founding of the White League?

1874, LouisianaWhite League / Founded

Why did the Colfax massacre happen?

The massacre took place against the backdrop of racial tensions following the hotly contested Louisiana governor’s race of 1872. While the Republicans narrowly won the contest and retained control of the state, white Democrats, angry over the defeat, vowed revenge.

How did the Colfax Massacre end?

The Colfax massacre, sometimes referred to by the euphemism Colfax riot, occurred on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1873, in Colfax, Louisiana, the parish seat of Grant Parish. An estimated 62-153 black militia men were killed while surrendering to a mob of former Confederate soldiers and members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Why are they called Parish in Louisiana?

The parishes are remnants of a bygone era, as Louisiana was Roman Catholic during both France and Spain’s ruling of the state. The boundaries, or parishes, neatly coincided with the state’s church parishes.

What was Louisiana originally called?

At first, Louisiana was organized as the Territory of Orleans. The rest of the Louisiana Purchase was known as the Louisiana Territory. On April 30, 1812, Louisiana was admitted as the 18th state.

What was the purpose of White League?

Describing themselves as defenders of a “hereditary civilization and Christianity,” a group of Confederate veterans in Louisiana formed the White League on March 1, 1874. Their stated purpose was “the extermination of the carpetbag element” and restoration of white supremacy.

What was the significance of the White League?

The White League was a paramilitary group that was allied with the Democratic Party in the South. In 1874 and 1875, the White League was responsible for widespread violence against black and white Republicans in Louisiana and Mississippi.

What event took place in Colfax in 1873?

The Colfax Massacre
The Colfax Massacre occurred in Colfax, Louisiana on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1873. Republicans had narrowly won the 1872 election to retain control of the state, but Democrats contested the results.