What is cT1c prostate cancer?

cT1c – This is when cancer is found via transrectal biopsy and the rectal exam is normal. T2cT2a – This is when a small nodule can be felt during the rectal exam in less than half of one side of the. prostate. cT2b – This is when one side of the prostate is hard or firm.

Is Oligometastatic prostate cancer curable?

The hypothesis that oligometastatic disease may be cured through local eradication therapies has led to the increasing use of SBRT in patients with this type of disease. At the same time, scientific advances are being made to allow the confirmation of clinically suspected oligometastatic status at molecular level.

What is Oligometastatic prostate cancer?

CONCLUSION. REFERENCES. Oligometastatic prostate cancer (OMPC), generally defined by presence of five or fewer metastatic sites on imaging, represents a transitional state between localized and widespread metastatic disease and encompasses a wide spectrum of disease biologies and clinical behaviors.

What is prostate cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy for prostate cancer is a procedure to freeze prostate tissue and cause the cancer cells to die. During cryotherapy, thin metal probes are inserted through the skin and into the prostate. The probes are filled with a gas that causes the nearby prostate tissue to freeze.

What does T3 mean in cancer?

T3 means the tumour has grown into the outer lining of the bowel wall but has not grown through it. T4 is split into 2 stages, T4a and T4b: T4a means the tumour has grown through the outer lining of the bowel wall and has spread into the tissue layer (peritoneum) covering the organs in the tummy (abdomen)

How many grades of prostate cancer are there?

The results are combined to determine the stage of cancer for each person. There are 5 stages: stage 0 (zero) and stages I through IV (1 through 4). The stage provides a common way of describing the cancer, so doctors can work together to plan the best treatments.

What is Oligometastatic recurrence?

Oligometastases is the state in which the patient shows distant relapse in only a limited number of regions. Local therapy such as surgery, radiotherapy and radiofrequency ablation for the relapsed sites could thus improve patient’s survival.

What is Oligometastatic?

Oligometastasis is a state in which cancer patients have a limited number of metastatic tumors; patients with oligometastases survive longer than those with polymetastases. Extensive disease (ED)-small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is considered a systemic disease and a poor survival.

What does Oligometastatic mean?

What happens to the prostate after cryotherapy?

Freezing often damages the nerves near the prostate that control erections. Erectile dysfunction is more common after cryotherapy than after radical prostatectomy. For information on coping with erection problems and other sexuality issues, see Sexuality for the Man With Cancer.

Does cryotherapy destroy the prostate?

The intense cold freezes the prostate and destroys any cancerous tissue it contains. Using the images from the ultrasound to identify the cancer tissue, the surgeon can limit damage to normal prostate tissue.