What is culture Triandis?

Cultural syndromes. Triandis points out the construct of “cultural syndromes,” which consist of shared attitudes, beliefs, norms, and values found among those who speak a particular language dialect, in a specific geographic region, during a particular historic period.

What general conclusion can be drawn from studies investigating cross cultural gender differences in the Big Five?

What general conclusion can be drawn from studies investigating cross-cultural gender differences in the Big Five? Psychologists Angela Leung and Dov Cohen (2011) suggest that cultures differ on three distinct dimensions.

Which of the following books is by Harry Triandis who uses short cases or critical incidents to help expose our culturally embedded ways of viewing part of reality?

“Subjective Culture” by Harry C. Triandis.

What is the difference between independent self construal and interdependent self construal?

Those with an independent self-construal view internal attributes, such as traits, abilities, values, and attitudes as central to their sense of self. Those with an interdependent self-construal, in contrast, view their close relationships, social roles, and group memberships as central to their sense of self.

How do cross cultural differences influence our personal and social life?

While many aspects of human thought and behavior are universal, cultural differences can lead to often surprising differences in how people think, feel, and act. Some cultures, for example, might stress individualism and the importance of personal autonomy.

How do cross-cultural differences influence our personal and social life?

Why is self and culture important?

How we see ourselves shapes our lives, and is shaped by our cultural context. Self-perceptions influence, among other things, how we think about the world, our social relationships, health and lifestyle choices, community engagement, political actions, and ultimately our own and other people’s well-being.

What is an example of independent self-construal?

Individuals with a more independent self-construal are more likely to respond by highlighting their unique abilities or individual traits (e.g., “I am creative,” “I am smart”).

What is interdependent self-construal?

a view of the self (self-construal) that emphasizes one’s embeddedness in a network of social relationships and that downplays one’s separateness and unique traits or accomplishments.

How does culture affect our relationship with others?

Different countries have cultural norms that people conform to, and these norms directly influence how individuals in intimate relationships communicate. These norms also affect other behaviors and attitudes that significantly affect relationships.

What is the importance of cross cultural perspective?

Cross-cultural studies main importance is to advance and expand our knowledge beyond the confinements of our particular surrounding context, encompassing a universal perspective in understanding human behavior. Cross-cultural research provides benefits that transcend the limits of the traditional research approaches.