What is Diltiazem 2% gel used for?

What is it used for? Diltiazem hydrochloride 2% cream is used to promote the healing of the tear that has occurred in the skin of the anus (back passage) and reduce the symptoms of pain caused by the tear. The tear in the skin lining the anus is called an anal fissure.

Is Crema gel good for fissure?

Cremagel is used for the treatment of anal fissures (tear in the lining of the anus). It promotes healing and reduces the associated symptoms by increasing the blood flow to the lining of the anus.

When do you apply crema gel?

Use the gel twice daily (morning and evening) or as directed by your doctor. It is for external use only. Wash your hands before and after application of the cream to ensure hygiene is maintained. Apply the gel just inside and around the anus (back passage) as instructed by your doctor.

Is Crema gel good for piles?

Cremagel H cream is used to treat piles, bedsore, anal fissures. Piles is a condition characterised by swelling and inflammation around the rectal and anal region, whereas fissure is a small tear in the anal region. You may experience difficulty in passing the stools and bleeding from the affected region.

Does diltiazem heal fissure?

Conclusion: This study shows that topical 2% diltiazem is an effective and safe treatment for chronic anal fissure in patients who have failed topical 0.2% GTN. The need for sphincterotomy can be avoided in up to 70% of cases.

How do you use diltiazem gel?

Apply a small amount to your finger (approximately 2.5cm) and place the cream just inside the anus, at the entrance. A finger covering, such as cling film or a disposable glove may be used to apply the ointment. Use the cream twice a day every day (morning and evening) for 2 months.

How do you use Diltiazem gel?

Which cream is best for fissure?

Lidocaine is the most commonly prescribed topical anaesthetic for anal fissures. It comes in the form of either a gel or an ointment, and is usually only used for a short time (a few days).

Is diltiazem good for hemorrhoids?

Diltiazem ointment (Cardizem) is a calcium channel class of medication we use to help heal anal fissures, promote wound healing, or treat external thrombosed hemorrhoids.

How long does diltiazem take to work for fissures?

It takes up to two years to regain the normal skin strength associated with a fissure. Most thrombosis will resolve within two weeks.

How long can you use diltiazem cream?

Based on the studies, diltiazem cream or ointment does not appear to cause significant harm or side effects in adults using it in the short term. Most studies looked at use for around 3 months or less. It is not known what possible harms or side effects the treatment may cause if it is used for longer than this.