What is English word for Palli?

stool {noun} palli (also: uloste, jakkara)

What is Hoosu called in English?

♪ hūsu. the gas emitted from the intestines through the anus; fart.

What is Adkitta called in English?

Ankita name meaning in English is Baby of Sun; Marked; Lovable; Conquered; A Signet; Symbol that clearly describes the expected significance of the name on personality. This name is based on 6 alphabets.

What is Khadisakhar called in English?

All it takes is a bout of mishri, or khadi shakkar which is known as candy sugar.

What is Sing Dana called in English?

Meaning of groundnut in English. groundnut. noun [ C ]

What is the meaning of Angkita?

Baby name meanings, origin and religion. Ankita is a Sanskrit word meaning “Marked”. The word is often used as a female name in Asian countries, typically because of its extended meaning as “one with auspicious signs “engraving”.

What is the meaning of Ankita Nama?

Name. Ankita. Meaning. Bearing a Mark, Baby of Sun.

What is Tal mishri?

Palm Sugar Or Tal Mishri Is A Natural Sweetener Which Is Absolutely Free From Chemicals And Bleaches. Actually Mishri Made From The Sap Of The Palmyra Palm Or The Date Palm, Is Known As Palm Sugar Or ‘Tal Mishri’.

What is Kalkandu English?

Kalkandu is crystallized sugar, apparently known as rock candy in English.

What is Falli in English?

pod countable noun. A pod is a seed container that grows on some plants such as peas. /phali, phalI, phalee, phalī, phli, phlI, phlee, phlī/ Copyright © 2014 by HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved.

Does peanut increase weight?

Despite being high in fat and calories, peanuts do not appear to contribute to weight gain ( 21 ). In fact, observational studies have shown that peanut consumption may help maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of obesity ( 22 , 23 , 24 , 25 ).

What is the lucky Colour of Ankita?

Personality details of name Ankita

Ruling Planet Moon
Positive Nature Loving and Persuasive
Negative Traits Can get emotional
Lucky Colours White, green, cream and lavender
Lucky Days Sunday and Monday